How Lockme ranking and offer hints work

    On Lockme you can find sub-pages on which the elements of the available offer are presented in a certain order - ranking. The place on this list depends on the reviews given by users of the service. Our ranking recalculates once a day all available values within such a review and presents an offer list to help you make the best possible choice. Importantly, such a list is only our suggestion, and you can filter its content using dozens of available filters or change its display by choosing a different form of sorting.

    How the ranking works

    Our ranking is the result of many years of work. Its operation is aimed at displaying you the items available in our offer, starting from the current best ones. When building the order of the rooms on the list, our algorithm takes into account such things as:

    1. General review ratings
    2. Detailed review ratings
    3. Time of visit
    4. Histogram of user ratings
    5. The fact whether a given user has made a reservation by Lockme
    6. Adding a photo

    The algorithm sums up the reviews of a given room and compares them with the reviews of other rooms. Based on such analysis it ranks the rooms. Thanks to this, when browsing our ranking list, you can easily find out which elements of our offer are currently the most popular.


    In the list of available elements on our site, you may encounter graphic distinctions. These are distinctions of the following type:

    • Lockme partner - a sign informing about the possibility of making a reservation through our site.
    • Special offer/promotion - information about the currently ongoing promotion On our site you will not find sponsored items.

    This means that no company can buy a promotion within the ranking list to be higher in it.

    Alternative ranking lists

    It may happen that in some lists the items of Partners will be presented first. If this happens, there is always clear information about it above such a list.

    Offer suggestions

    In many places on our site, you will find hints as to what element of our offer may interest you. Such a module always has a header, informing about the context of the hint. The content of such a list for non-logged-in users is random. For logged-in users, it is random, taking into account that the items that a user has already used/visited do not appear in them.

    User reviews on Lockme

    Opinions on Lockme can be added by any user with an account. To add a review, you need to fill out the appropriate form. You may encounter two types of reviews:

    Credible review

    It is a review that was written by a user who booked and paid for a visit through Lockme. This way we can be sure that the person has definitely been to the place he booked and his review is fully reliable. A user cannot give such a review if the reservation has been canceled. The fact of the visit to the escape room is no longer confirmed separately by the venue's staff. Therefore, such reviews have a greater impact on the ranking (order of presentation of elements of the offer). Reliable reviews are clearly marked with the appropriate graphic form next to each such reviews.

    Standard review

    This is the review of a user for whom we are not sure that he has visited the indicated place. If you have doubts about this, or someone else has one, such a review can be reported using our reporting system. Then our moderators will consider such a case individually.

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