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    Why should you choose Poland for your next trip?

    First of all, in Poland you can find over 500 escape rooms - that's a pretty big choice considering the size of the country. Wherever you go, you’ll probably find one nearby, especially in big cities.

    The next advantage that definitely must be mentioned: prices. In comparison to other European countries, Polish escape rooms are cheaper than rooms in bigger countries like Germany, Spain or Greece.

    In Poland, you can find a lot of rooms that have been mentioned in TERPECA (Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts' Choice Award - the largest and most popular plebiscite in the industry of escape rooms where you can find rooms and companies from all over the world).

    It must be mentioned that a lot of rooms are available in English. It means that the room is prepared for non-Polish speaking players and the staff in the escape room speaks English so the communication during the experience can go uninterrupted.

    And the last one: people! The community of escape room enthusiasts is very big and is constantly growing!

    Why should you choose Poland for your next trip?

    How to find a perfect room - tutorial

    How to reach your destination - traveling in Poland

    Traveling by train

    Traveling by train

    There are many railway carriers in Poland. Some are local (like PolRegio, SKM, Koleje Mazowieckie, and Koleje Dolnośląskie), and others nationwide (IC Intercity or EIC Express Intercity for long-distance trains).

    In the case of local carriers, it is not necessary to book the seats, and the ticket can be purchased at the ticket office, at the station, in the application, or even on the train from the conductor for an additional fee. Importantly, if there is no open ticket office at your station, the conductor will not charge you additional costs for issuing the ticket.

    For IC and EIC it is necessary to reserve a place in advance. The earlier we book tickets, the less the ticket costs. Not all long-distance trains allow you to buy a ticket from the conductor, and the fee charged for issuing a ticket on the train is very high. So, it’s much better to buy it earlier.

    Where can you buy tickets?

    Traveling by bus

    Traveling by bus

    If you are moving around a city where there is public transport, you will be able to reach every corner of the city with its help. The most convenient form of a ticket is an electronic ticket from the Jakdojade platform because it can be purchased at any time and is considered a full-fledged travel document. You can also buy a paper ticket, but the rules may be slightly different in each city.

    For example, in Wrocław you can buy them in this form too, but you can buy an e-ticket in the vehicle. All you have to do is choose a ticket on a special tablet and pay for it with a card. The ticket is not printed - the data is encoded on the card.

    If you would like to travel by bus to a distant city, it is worth taking a look at the list of routes of several Polish carriers. You can buy a ticket directly on their websites or at the bus station (if there's a ticket office available).

    The most popular of them:

    Traveling by car

    Traveling by car

    Traveling by own car is definitely the most comfortable form of transport. Not only in Poland but in general. Every tourist equipped with Google Maps will cope easily on Polish roads.

    If you’d like to rent a car, you can do it online before you come to Poland or use some apps to find cars in your area - it depends on you which option would be more comfortable for you.

    Apps with cars in your area:

    Companies that rent cars:

    Traveling by plane

    Traveling by plane

    Flights may not be very economical, but they are by far the fastest, and within the country, you can move freely by plane. It is best to book them well in advance. The largest carriers serving flights between Polish cities (domestic flights) are Lot and Ryanair. Of course, you can also fly to the chosen city fast from every bigger city, not only in Europe.

    There are also many flight price comparison websites on the internet.

    Some of them:

    How to move around the biggest escape rooms agglomerations

    Escape room reality in Poland - FAQ

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