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    Comfortable escape room booking system designed specially for this industry. Learn how to make your business easier and improve your conversion rate with Lockme
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    Łukasz Rynkowski
    There is nothing worse than discouraging your visitors from the very beginning with an uncomfortable system, which is why we trusted Lockme. I cannot imagine a more comfortable interface, as confirmed by dozens of satisfied customers.

    Łukasz Rynkowski Black Cat

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    Grzegorz Cholewa
    The booking system as a showcase for my rooms must look very good - Lockme is second to none in this respect.

    Grzegorz Cholewa Exit 19

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    Karol Skraba
    Customers from all over the world, different time zones and payments in different currencies. I thought I would not find a system that binds all aspects of running an online escape room, but it turns out that I found it all on Lockme

    Karol Skraba Live cam escape

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    Kamila Gutkowska
    If you have a problem with the number of bookings, try Lockme. I could not believe how quickly I was able to fill all my rooms

    Kamila Gutkowska Wyjście Awaryjne

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    Escape Room booking system features

    Check out the moest important features of our new booking system. We developed it especially for the escape room industry - dozens of companies use it on daily basis.

    Easy configuration

    Easily set up a weekly plan for your escape room. Using price lists, you can define different options and prices for different configurations of your room. You can easily add days off or changes to opening hours using the exception system.

    Booking widgets

    We give you a choice of many booking widgets that you can place on the website. Weekly, monthly or daily views for the entire company are waiting for you. Using the iframe, you can conveniently embed any widget on your website.

    Full customization

    You can add your own CSS style to make the widget on your website fully color-matched.

    Mobile friendly

    Widgety rezerwacyjne, jak i panel zarządzania systemem rezerwacji są w pełni przystosowane do korzystania na urządzeniach mobilnych.


    Our system is available in 3 language versions. In English, German and Polish.

    Online payments

    With the Lockme booking system for escape rooms you can easily set up online payments for your games.

    Integration and API

    We have integration modules ready with the most popular WordPress plugins and an open API with which you can integrate with any external system.

    Google Calendar

    Our system can be easily connected with your Google Calendar, so you can easily view your booking, e.g. from widgets on your smartphone.

    Timezone support

    When booking live cam escape rooms, the customer is informed about time zone differences, so that there is never a misunderstanding.

    Special offer system

    With the special offer module, you can easily define discounts and promotions attractive to customers that will help your business develop.

    Deposit for in place payments

    For each room, you can enable the option of collecting a deposit when booking with payment on the spot. Thanks to this, you will not lose the full amount if the client does not come on the agreed date.

    See our system in action

    Choose option you want to see and check how our system actually works. You can also log into the panel to check how calendar management and booking service looks like.

    Choose platform

    Choose version

    Check Panel

    Login: [email protected]

    Password: TopSecretPa44word

    Check out the demo!


    See the prices of our booking system. It is also available in a free version. To use our system, your company must be on Thanks to this, your offer will be visible to fans of escape rooms around the world. If you want to know more about our offer, write to us at [email protected].

    If you are a Lockme Partner

    As a Lockme partner, you can download our widget to your website at any time and use it immediately. Our system offers several options for using it.

    • If you use the free version of the booking widget, commission will be charged on bookings paid online. Depending on the payment system, it is:

      Przelewy 24 - gross percentage value, not more than 20%

      Stripe - 0.5% of the booking value, but not less than EUR 1. Stripe will also charge you a commission for the processing the payment depending on the means of payment

    • You can buy a version of the system without online payment, then the cost of using our system is EUR 10 base, plus EUR 5 for each room - net, monthly.

    If you are not a Lockme Partner

    When having your offer on Lockme, and not being a partner, you can also use our system - but you will not have the online payment options in it.

    • The cost of using our system is EUR 10 basic, plus EUR 5 for each room - net, monthly.

    Do you want to use our system right now?

    To sign in your company to Lockme, complete the form. You can choose between a regular account and a partner account. You can change your mind at any time.

    • Fill in the application form
    • We will contact you and arrange the details of cooperation
    • You will get access to your Lockme account
    • Tale full adventage of our system!

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