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    Lockme is the largest website for browsing, booking and rating escape rooms from all over Poland, but not only. It has begun its expansion to the west, where a similar solution has been missing so far, and is already available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or USA - and this is only beginning of our growth. The website works as a marketplace, which in Poland concentrates over 95% of the market and is constantly growing. It was created in December 2014 on the basis of a special algorithm by two enthusiasts of escape rooms - Jakub Caban and Bartosz Idzikowski - then involved in creating websites.

    We conduct our media relations in the widest possible context - they relate to both our business, markets in individual countries, a new generation of rooms and technologies used in them, applications for escape rooms (not only entertainment but also marketing, HR, tourism promotion, an innovative tool education or close cooperation with the film industry). We invite journalists from all over the world to contact us - we will gladly share our knowledge with you, help in collecting data or establishing contacts with representatives of specific escape room markets.

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    Here you can see all the materials in which we dipped our fingers. Here you will find articles, press releases, previous publications, reports as well as photos and our logos. If you didn't find something you're looking for - let us know.

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    Yes, we love escape rooms. We have been sitting in this world for years and we live it every day. Below you will find information about projects in which we have been involved and which we have organized throughout years. You have an idea? We are open to cooperation and we have a wide range of know-how and events.

    Escape Tales

    Board game series Escape Tales Meet ur series of escape room-like games in which an engaging plot will lead you through a series of interesting puzzles.

    Unique mechanics, no time limit or no penalties for hints are the adventages of our games. Discover all parts of the series.

    Find out more


    Escape Room Championship ERChamp International Escape Room Championship. Challenge players from all around the world.

    Gather the team and win valuable prizes in the competition

    Find out more


    Escape room conference WroEscape We organized an escape room conference attended by nearly 1,000 people.

    Networking, meetings and a lot of knowledge. See the report from this event

    See report from the event

    Lockme Academy

    Educational content for escape rooms Lockme Academy We have prepared a series of webinars for owners of escape rooms.

    If you are the owner, this is something for you. Sign up now.


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    Jakub Caban

    Jakub Caban


    At the beginning, we only wanted to create a place where everyone can see the offer of escape rooms in Poland. However, the number of escape rooms was increasing at an amazing pace, and this project was getting us more and more involved. So we came to the conclusion that it's time to go with the blow and start earning on it. We wanted to be faithful to our mission, which guided us from the beginning: Lockme is to be a place for the entire industry, with the widest range and the most objective possible.

    Therefore, owners of escape rooms, to strengthen their promotion, can use our paid tools, but this is not necessary for the presence on our site. This may be considered unusual and risky action, but thanks to that almost everyone is here. We were called a startup, but we don't like this term. From the very beginning, we financed ourselves, we did not look for investors, we wanted to have full influence on the shape and direction of development. The industry is still very diverse, the rooms can stand out from each other qualitatively, and in this way, thanks to our range and recognition, we try to help define standards, patterns and proper development directions.

    Bartosz Idzikowski

    Bartosz Idzikowski


    The global escape room industry is still very young, only 10-12 years old. However, around 60,000 rooms are estimated to operate around the world. From Tokyo, through Shanghai, Budapest, Warsaw, London, to Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. Escape rooms have grown up on enthusiasts, but the market is consistently growing and becoming professionalized. There are companies on the markets that have 2-3 rooms, but also entire room centers or franchise networks. This entertainment has already penetrated the mainstream so much that it has also been noticed by large business.

    Escape rooms as a marketing tool are used by companies such as Samsung, Adidas or Microsoft, special themed rooms are often created on the occasion of film premieres (e.g. Jumnaji or X-Men: Dark Phoenix), they are also increasingly used by teachers to organise more engaging and interactive lessons. Many companies also practice rectuitment and team building actions in escape rooms. This is an interdisciplinary field of entertainment, which every now and then surprises us with something new.