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      Escape room categories

      Escape rooms are like films! Choose your favourite genre and become a hero of a real adventure.

      • Historical


        Move to the old days and solve the mysterious puzzles that await you there.

      • For children

        For children

        Rooms prepared specially for children.

      • Action


        Something special for fans of quick twists and dangerous missions. The risks are high, but the taste of victory is amazing.

      • Abstract


        Anything can happen in these rooms. Challenge the imagination of their creators and solve all puzzles.

      • Thriller


        Feel the creeps as you solve mysterious puzzles.

      • Horror


        Solve puzzles with horror atmosphere that you can feel in the air. Numerous emotions and surprises are waiting for you.

      • Fantasy


        Visit fantastic worlds full of riddles.

      • Adventure


        Became Indiana Jones and solve riddles in escape room like a movie hero.

      • Narrative


        Get into real and deep story to solve all of the riddles.

      • Futuristic


        Look into the future - the distant one or the near one. Get into the time machine and discover what riddles the world of tomorrow has for you.

      • Criminal


        Solve real crime riddles like a real Sherlock Holmes.

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      • Work on ER Champ 2024 has started

        Work on ER Champ 2024 has started

        The Escape Room World Championship attracts thousands of players every year. A few days ago we announced the start of work on the next edition. Here's what's already known about this year's ER Champ!

      • Escape room at home - an idea for creative entertainment for the whole family

        Escape room at home - an idea for creative entertainment for the whole family

        When rainy or windy weather keeps you from spending time outdoors, and you've run out of ideas for activities within your four walls, turn your home space into a puzzle-filled escape room. It's a guarantee of fantastic fun for the whole family, and at the same time it's a way to strengthen bonds and uncover layers of creativity. How to create a game room at home? Here are some inspirations.

      • Where was the world's first escape room opened?

        Where was the world's first escape room opened?

        Nowadays, playing in escape rooms is an extremely popular pastime, and puzzle rooms can be found in almost every city both in the country and abroad. However, not everyone knows that their history is relatively young. When and in what place was the first puzzle room opened? Who came up with the idea for its creation? Let's go back in time to find out the answers.

      • Halloween in the escape room - spooky attractions

        Halloween in the escape room - spooky attractions

        Soon there will be the scariest day of the year! Do you already have plans on how to spend Halloween 2023? As every year, we have escape room suggestions for you - we asked companies what attractions they are preparing for you on that day, and here are their answers! So check out what attractions await you if you decide to spend Halloween in an escape room. Many companies celebrate not only on October 31, so if you can't go to an escape room on that exact day - nothing lost.

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      Escape rooms are everywhere. Check out the list of cities and find a room for yourself.

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