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      Escape room categories

      Escape rooms are like films! Choose your favourite genre and become a hero of a real adventure.

      • Thriller


        Feel the creeps as you solve mysterious puzzles.

      • Action


        Something special for fans of quick twists and dangerous missions. The risks are high, but the taste of victory is amazing.

      • Futuristic


        Look into the future - the distant one or the near one. Get into the time machine and discover what riddles the world of tomorrow has for you.

      • Narrative


        Get into real and deep story to solve all of the riddles.

      • Horror


        Solve puzzles with horror atmosphere that you can feel in the air. Numerous emotions and surprises are waiting for you.

      • Adventure


        Became Indiana Jones and solve riddles in escape room like a movie hero.

      • Criminal


        Solve real crime riddles like a real Sherlock Holmes.

      • Fantasy


        Visit fantastic worlds full of riddles.

      • For children

        For children

        Rooms prepared specially for children.

      • Abstract


        Anything can happen in these rooms. Challenge the imagination of their creators and solve all puzzles.

      • Historical


        Move to the old days and solve the mysterious puzzles that await you there.

      • Check out other categories

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      • ‘Where’s my review?’ – reasons for hiding comments

        ‘Where’s my review?’ – reasons for hiding comments

        Lockme users’ reviews are essential for the algorithm to work properly. That’s why the comments are so important for us, especially when they’re honest, guided by conscience and consistent with regulations. If your comment didn’t appear on the website, we invite you to read the article explaining what might have caused this.

      • How to live cam escape - corporate edition

        How to live cam escape - corporate edition

        Live cam escape rooms are growing in popularity as people seek entertainment during pandemic and we believe they will stay with us. Individual players praise them for being an easily available method of visiting escape rooms during lock-downs, even those on the other side of the globe. High availability makes them also the perfect solution for corporate meeting entertainment or employee integration. But where to start?

      • What future brings for escape rooms?

        What future brings for escape rooms?

        When pandemic hit most of the world went into lock downs one way or another. For small businesses like escape rooms it was, and still remains, very painful hit. But creativity prevails and the escape room industry continues to find new ways of serving customers, even when being closed for visitors. But will it last? What future has to offer for our beloved entertainment? We don't know, but we have a few strong guesses.

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