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Lockme is a platform for rating and booking Escape Rooms. We started our business in Poland in 2015 and within two years we became the industry leaders. In 2017 Lockme was launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and in 2018 – in the U.S.

To ER fans, the platform offers the possibility to browse different rooms, read other Users’ reviews and on the basis of their ratings choose the rooms they would like to visit themselves. Having visited a room, Users can rate them and thus have their share in creating a reliable and genuine ER standings which are fully built by the community of users.

To ER owners, we offer the possibility to present their rooms and to reach a wide group of ER fans with marketing materials (e.g. descriptions of the rooms, special offers etc.) and contact details (address, phone no., opening times).

Our goal is to create the largest ER base in every country and to build standings that are based on reliable opinions.

Free escape room company profile

Clear company and room profile

User-friendly management panel

Room promotion through standings

Responding to comments

Quick contact with Customers

Opportunities for promotional campaigns

Web widgets

Targeting new customers

Booking system comming soon

Booking functionality. This is an easy solution for Users to securely and comfortably book the rooms, make payments, contact the rooms

To ERs, Lockme is an easy tool for maximizing their profit, launching information and promotion campaigns, and to comfortably manage their rooms.

easy integration

settlement of commission

extra tools

fast support

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