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    Lockme has a set of advanced and constantly developed functions that allow you to reach new customers and develop your business. Most importantly: the basic Lockme showcase is completely free
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    After creating an account, you will receive access to the management panel through which you add rooms, complete information, and configure bookings.


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    By gaining customer opinions, your rooms position themselves in the ranking. Combined with promotional mechanisms, this allows you to build customer interest and target traffic.


    Start selling

    As a Lockme partner, you enable your customers to make bookings through the calendar. In an intuitive way, it allows you to go through the entire process and book a selected date for the game.

    Lockme features

    The website is visited by many users, for whom we are the main source of information about the rooms. In terms of searches, we also take care of SEO and "update" on this topic, so you do not have to worry about reaching the client. We are a place on the Internet, where you can tell the whole world about yourself - at least the escape room world.

    Company presentation

    On Lockme, you will present your offer in a clear and attractive way. Business cards are very clear and the internal presentation encourages booking. The room can be distinguished by multimedia.

    Convenient management

    The management panel allows full control over the presentation of the company and its offer. Adding rooms, viewing comments or managing bookings is all from one place.

    Ranking of rooms

    By collecting good reviews, your rooms will go up in the ranking. As a result, they will be more and more visible and attractive to potential customers searching the offer.

    Booking system

    The booking system is designed especially for owners of escape rooms. It is a response to the specificity of running this type of company and facilitates management and promotion. Find out more about it here.

    Communication with customers

    Lockme brings together an increasing number of international customers and escape room enthusiasts. They can write messages to you or add comments to your opinion.

    Active Marketing

    We conduct marketing and PR activities, special campaigns, we support SEO, organize competitions and communicate the most important topics for the industry. We are open to the initiatives of owners and enthusiasts.

    Live cam ready

    Our system is adapted to the live cam escape room type offer. We support this model of gameplay through active promotion and PR - especially now, in the era of a pandemic.

    Mobile rooms

    Through us, you can present the offer of mobile rooms. We work with many brands and event agencies and redirect their interest to you.

    Features for partners

    Many advanced features are available only to Partners. This form of cooperation gives access, among others, to reliable user reviews or adding videos to your profiles.

    Free account

    Free, basic account on the website where you can present your company and available rooms.

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    Booking system for escape room

    Calendar example

    Here you will find a detailed offer of the booking system for escape rooms. By becoming a Lockme Partner you will have full access to it.
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    How much does it cost

    There is no single, fixed fee for the Partnership. We only charge a commission on bookings that will be made through our system - the commission is 20%. If you have any additional questions, write to us: [email protected]

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