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    Browse and book escape rooms around the world!

    Lockme allows you to create your own escape room profile. You can save visited and planned rooms, review your visits and connect with other escaoe room fans.

    We are big fans of escape rooms ourselves and have visited a lot of them, thanks to which we know exactly what do players need, and we try to fulfill those needs. When we started this adventure, there was no list or ranking on the internet where you could find all available escape rooms. So we decided to create a place for fans - also made by fans. Today, together, we create a wonderful, international community. Join us and help the escape room market grow.

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    See our projects

    Because we love escape rooms, we've created for you a series of board games and Escape Room Championship for you. Get to know the details of the projects and take advantage of what we have to offer.

    Escape Tales

    Board game series Escape Tales Meet ur series of escape room-like games in which an engaging plot will lead you through a series of interesting puzzles.

    Unique mechanics, no time limit or no penalties for hints are the adventages of our games. Discover all parts of the series.

    Find out more


    Escape Room Championship ERChamp International Escape Room Championship. Challenge players from all around the world.

    Gather the team and win valuable prizes in the competition

    Find out more


    Escape room conference WroEscape We organized an escape room conference attended by nearly 1,000 people.

    Networking, meetings and a lot of knowledge. See the report from this event

    See report from the event

    Escape Buzz

    Escape room news Escape Buzz Escape room news service and knowledge database.

    Ask experts, find inspiration, learn more about unique solutions, improve your escape rooms world knowledge. It’s a service for all of you - escape room enthusiasts and industry professionals. Only in English!

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    We are available worldwide

    Lockme is a global aggregator of escape rooms. We currently serve 12 countries, but we will gladly come to yours. Contact us or choose one of the available countries.


    353 escape rooms Australia View country


    164 escape rooms Austria View country


    50 escape rooms Croatia View country

    Czech Republic

    225 escape rooms Czech Republic View country


    1,506 escape rooms Germany View country


    66 escape rooms Ireland View country


    6 escape rooms Malta View country


    523 escape rooms Poland View country


    128 escape rooms Slovakia View country


    171 escape rooms Sweden View country


    374 escape rooms Switzerland View country

    Meet our team

    Lockme is a strong team of escape room lovers. Meet our crew, who work every day to make Lockme the best place for escape rooms on the internet
    Jakub Caban

    Jakub Caban


    Bartosz Idzikowski

    Bartosz Idzikowski


    Hanna Kwaśniewska

    Hanna Kwaśniewska


    Tomasz Lipka-Bartosik

    Tomasz Lipka-Bartosik

    Frontend Developer

    Hanna Idzikowska

    Hanna Idzikowska

    Customer Service

    Anna Kryśkow

    Anna Kryśkow

    Marketing Manager

    Jakub Witosławski

    Jakub Witosławski

    PR Director

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