Who are
    escape rooms for?

    Diversity in room offers makes them a perfect entertainment for everyone. They are mostly popular within those groups of people:

    Where can I find
    an escape room?

    Although based on American point-and-click games and the idea of putting players in a real room comes from Japan, escape rooms are all over the world. You can find them in bigger cities, or small towns, tourist places, and unusual locations.

    How much does playing in an escape room cost?

    Price of the game is dependant upon many variables, like city, time of the day, day of the week or number of players. Details about pricing of specific rooms can be found on particular room profile.

    FAQ - frequently asked questions

    Escape rooms have much more to offer!

    How to plan a visit in an escape room

    The team

    Collect the team

    Depending on the category, you can go to an escape room with a family, friends, or co-workers

    A common team going to an escape room consists of 2-5 members. It's good to have someone observant, who's good at searching, because most of the items used in game are hidden, and you'll have to find them before you even start solving the puzzles. In addition, a person who likes to solve logical tasks and is good at connecting the dots. A person with leadership skills will help you keep organized. But don't worry. It's supposed to be fun, not a race!

    The room

    Choose the room

    Make sure the category and difficulty suits your team

    There's a lot of rooms and you will find something for yourselves for sure. Before booking a room, It's good to make sure that every team member is fine with the choice - for example if you want to choose a horror, make sure that none of the members doesn't like to get scared. Pick a category that all of you are going to like. If you have any more specific preferences, you can use filters on our website, so it can list the rooms that match your needs.

    Trip to the escape room

    Going to the room

    In order to make the visit an unforgettable experience, you'll have to follow a few rules

    Escape rooms are most of all an adventure and puzzles. But there are some rules, that you have to follow.

    • Don't be late. After booking a room, you will get information about the time you should show up and if you should come earlier.
    • Every escape room has its own rules, that you will have to respect.
    • Hints are an important element of the game and you should not hesitate to take them.
    • Have fun!

    Escape rooms in media

    Escape rooms are more and more often present in the media. We've chosen the most interesting articles for you and we'll keep the list updated.

    Find an escape room for yourself

    Now you know everything about escape rooms. It's time to put your theoretical knowledge into practice - find an escape room for you and your team!

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