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    Who are
    escape rooms for?

    For everyone and all ages! Thanks to the filters available on Lockme, you can easily find rooms for first-timers, beginners, and more advanced escapers, for those who like thrills, are dedicated to children, created for family outings, or are suitable for team building events and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

    Check who most often chooses an escape room as a form of spending free time:

    Family and friends

    Escape rooms are a multigenerational form of entertainment, in which a whole family can participate. Solving puzzles together can be fun, educating, and develops creativity regardless of age.

    There's no better way of spending an evening, than going to an escape room with your friends. It can be a good trust test or a way to know each other from a completely different side.


    Many escape rooms offer a game prepared specially for children. A parent can always go inside and make sure that the game is safe. Many companies also offer qualified caregivers as animators watching over the group.


    Escape rooms are great for integration after working hours. Lately, they are often used during job interviews. The game tests the interpersonal skills of potential future employees and shows their leadership predispositions.

    Dating people

    A visit in an escape room can help you to know each other better. There is no better way of figuring out if this is the one, than solving puzzles together.

    What does escape room look like?

    Escape rooms are specially arranged spaces where you will find film scenery, specially composed music, or dedicated props. All this to take you to another world. See the gallery of sample rooms available on

    • Creepy, dark hotel reception from 'Abandoned Hotel' by Exit19
    • A World War II period alley from 'Warsaw Uprising' by Black Cat Escape Room.
    • Archaeologists searching the egyptian tomb from 'W Cieniu Piramid' by Wyjście Awaryjne
    • Archaeologists looking for clues in an office in 'The mystery of Mayan temple' by Mysterious Room
    • Postapocalyptic basement filled with electronics from 'Postapo' by Forest Escape

    Escape room - price

    The price of escape rooms in Poland varies on average from PLN 100 to PLN 500 per game (for the whole group). The price is influenced, among others, by the booking date - games during the week in the morning and early afternoon are definitely cheaper. Another factor affecting the price is the number of participants. More people usually means less cost per person. Thanks to the filters on our website, you can search for an escape room at a preferred price, limiting the cost of the game to, for example, PLN 200.

    To find a good offer for yourself and your team, it is also worth following the page with special offers prepared by companies.

    How to plan a visit in an escape room

    Depending on the category, you can go to an escape room with a family, friends, or co-workers

    Gather the team

    A common team going to an escape room consists of 2-5 members. It's good to have someone observant, who's good at searching, because most of the items used in game are hidden, and you'll have to find them before you even start solving the puzzles. In addition, a person who likes to solve logical tasks and is good at connecting the dots. A person with leadership skills will help you keep organized. But don't worry. It's supposed to be fun, not a race!

    Choose the room

    There's a lot of rooms, and you will find something for yourselves for sure. Before booking a room, It's good to make sure that every team member is fine with the choice - for example if you want to choose a horror, make sure that none of the members doesn't like to get scared. Pick a category that all of you are going to like. If you have any more specific preferences, you can use filters on our website, so it can list the rooms that match your needs.

    Going to the room

    Escape rooms are most of all an adventure and puzzles. But there are some rules, that you have to follow.

    • Don't be late. After booking a room, you will get information about the time you should show up and if you should come earlier.
    • Every escape room has its own rules, that you will have to respect.
    • Hints are an important element of the game, and you should not hesitate to take them.
    • Have fun!

    Useful links

    Below you will find links to subpages that will help you find a perfect room for yourself

    All rooms

    Available special offers

    Live cam escape room

    Where can I find escape rooms

    Escape rooms can be found all over the world. Although the idea itself comes from the USA, and Japan came up with the idea of placing players in a physical room, the fashion for puzzles has also caught on Poles. You will find rooms in large cities as well as in smaller towns, tourist spots, and unusual locations.


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    225 escape rooms Czech Republic View country


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    Escape room news

    Escape room news service, created by Lockme. A platform dedicated to both enthusiasts and people working in this industry - escape room owners, puzzle and riddles creators, inventors, game publishers, and many more. It's an international service, available only in English. Check it out!

    Escape rooms in media

    Escape rooms are more and more often present in the media. We've chosen the most interesting articles for you and we'll keep the list updated.

    Escape room FAQ - frequently asked questions

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