Features on Lockme that will make your life easier - what's already there and what you might not know yet

    In recent months we have been collecting feedback on the performance of our service from all users. The collected responses will be used to plan our activities for the coming months. The survey also included suggestions for features we already have, and you may not know about them - we will present them in this article. We look forward to reading them!

    First of all - thank you all very much for participating in the user survey, your help is invaluable! In the near future, we will be analyzing in detail all the submitted responses. There are a lot of them, in addition, they concern many aspects of Lockme: what is good, what to improve, and what is worth introducing in the near future. Our team has a lot of work ahead of us, but thanks to such surveys we know what you need. After all, it is for you that we create our service.

    In our survey, there were a lot of suggestions of options that you would find useful to make Lockme easier to navigate. However, some of them already exist, and it is to them that we would like to devote this text. Perhaps there is something you have no idea exists that would greatly improve your experience with the service? Perhaps you are waiting for something that has been floating in the ether for some time? We have collected the most common suggestions.


    There are many filters on Lockme, which allow you to search for rooms according to individual criteria. You can use them to search for your dream room in a specific category (e.g., horror rooms alone), with specific parameters (e.g., family-friendly rooms with children when going to an escape room with a younger player), difficulty level or in a specific city or province. All of them can be found on the left side of the search engine on the "All Rooms" subpage, after selecting a country. It is worth mentioning that these filters are managed by the companies themselves, so if in your opinion any of them is missing, it would be best to address this request directly to the staff.

    The most common suggestion, however, was to create an option to filter rooms by visited and unvisited, which has existed in principle since the beginning of the service. With this option, you can select from the list of available rooms those that you have already visited or are yet to visit. Of course, this option works only when the user is logged in ;)

    What's more, each room matched by the filter to your requirements is marked on the map on the right. This way you can preview where the filtered rooms are located.

    Pro tip that not everyone knows about: if we mark NO next to the selected filter, it will show us all rooms without this mark. As a result, we can filter the list of rooms, for example, so that it does not show us rooms unsuitable for pregnant women.

    Adding rooms from outside Lockme

    You can add to your history of visited rooms not only the rooms that are in the database, but also those that are not in it (e.g. due to the closure of the company or the lack of an appropriate category on the site, for example, for board games in the climate of eras, which for a given user count as a visited scenario). This makes it possible to create a completely individual system for a given user, without having to omit scenarios not available on Lockme. To add a room from outside Lockme, simply log in to the site, go to the user's profile, select the "Rooms" tab and choose the option on the right "Add a room from outside Lockme" - a short form will then appear for you to fill out and save. And cycle, another room visited!

    Ability to change your own rating

    Since the last big changes to the algorithm, users have been given the option to change their own rating. This is all because many people, after visiting more rooms, change their perceptions on certain aspects of escape rooms and want to adjust their ratings after time to match their current experience. Importantly, however, a point rating can be changed no sooner than 3 months after the date of its issuance and after 10 consecutive scenarios visited.

    Top 5 rooms, or TOP5

    Each user can create their own little mini ranking of the top five rooms they have visited. All he has to do is select his profile after logging into Lockme and enter the list of rooms he has visited. With each room, he will have the option to set it in his TOP5 at any position.

    The final TOP5 ranking shows in the user's profile and looks as follows:

    Animals in the premises

    Although we have already told you a bit about the filters themselves, in your survey responses you suggested the need for a designation regarding the presence of animals in the premises. It is with allergy sufferers and people with phobias in mind that there is a special "Animal in Lounge" designation, available in the list of all filters. As with all other filters, such rooms will show you not only in the listing, but also on the map on the right.

    It is worth mentioning that there is also a "Pet-friendly" filter on Lockme - this means that you can bring your pet with you to this room (of course, you should inform the staff in advance).

    Adding rooms to the list of planned and visited rooms

    Each user, as part of his profile, can keep a list of rooms he intends to visit and a list of rooms he already has and they count towards his experience. Both of these actions are added in the business card of the selected company (the user must be logged into the service). Just above the list of reviews in a given room you will find both buttons:

    Both listings are available in the user's profile under the "Rooms" tab, on the right. What's more, we've added a new feature as of late - rooms that have been booked through Lockme will add themselves to the list of rooms visited after visiting the room.

    Latest rooms

    In the list of all available rooms, you can sort them not only by ranking order, but also by number of reviews or opening date. It allows us to see what rooms have been recently added to the offer.

    Reminder of visit and post-game rating

    If your visit has been booked through Lockme or through the Lockme widget on the partner's website, you will receive an email reminder about 24 hours before the game. After the game, on the other hand, you will receive an email asking you to rate and share your impressions.

    Search for available rooms by date

    This is one of our flagship features. In the list of all rooms on the left, there is a calendar that acts as a filter. When you set the selected date, rooms with available dates on that day will appear. Of course, you can combine it with additional filters and limit your search to only adventure, family-friendly with children and rooms suitable for pregnant women.


    Thanks again to all the players who participated in our survey with dedication. With this article by way of introduction, we begin the topic of implementing new features, which you have suggested to us in impressive numbers. You can take advantage of what's already there, and successively in the coming months. Just give us some time - we will roll up our sleeves and gradually change for you. As suggested - for the better!

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