Time Machine - The Secret of Leonardo

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    Time Machine - The Secret of Leonardo

    Upon the discovery of various sketches found in Italy that turned out to have been created by none other than the great master, Leonardo da Vinci, the most i... [more]

    2-5 people

    90' minutes



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    Live Cam Escape Room: 28th place

    Poland: 11th place

    Plot of the room

    Upon the discovery of various sketches found in Italy that turned out to have been created by none other than the great master, Leonardo da Vinci, the most incredible device in the world’s history has been created – the time machine. The detailed blueprint led to creation and start-up of the vehicle that had been instantly tested by several volunteers sent into the distant past. The time machine, the most marvelous discovery, soon became the most desired device for many, but not all of them know that time traveling isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

    Traveling to the past is easy, many succeeded. Going back is the thing that seems to be impossible as so far none of the scientists and engineers working on the construction managed to complete the device with one part, the only one that wasn’t included in Leonardo’s blueprints. Without this part, it is impossible to come back to the present days and acquiring it is far from easy – most likely, it’s hidden the workshop of Leonardo himself.

    November 22, 1510, raging storm outside and the risk that Leonardo might come back to his workshop at any given moment. You don’t have much time and fate of the mankind depends on your success. Will you be able to rise up to this challenge?

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    9/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 10/10 Difficulty according to players: Hard Number of reviews: 1

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    Superb room with the WOW factoe

    4/2/21 | visit date: 4/1/21

    Trusted review

    julianohare 3 reviews

    Last night we played 'Time Machine - The Mystery of Leonard' from Exit 19.

    This was our 3rd Polish room , after Freakshow and Mayan Temple. I have to say, all 3 are superb rooms with fun hosts and great production values. The lockme.pl website really does have some great rooms to choose from.

    Anyway...this is a 90min room and we managed it on 81. It was challenging with a huge number / variety of puzzles including one that was fairly simple but unique and we all loved.

    There are 2 puzzles clearly designed to be done by the team in person, but they navigate around this so it was no problem.

    The host was great fun and spoke good English. As with all of the Polish rooms we have done , they have a camera person filming the avatar and this really helps. The guy filming also bought his personality into the room with some great interaction with the avatar.

    The look of the room is breathtaking. I think it's the best I have seen either IRL or virtually. Just incredible and such attention to detail.

    And in a phrase I never thought I would write, the Telescape system worked ...
    Very well!!

    I initially gave this and 8/10 then realised I was marking it down as I would have LOVED to do it for real and was penalizing it. This morning I am still thinking about the puzzles and set design and it's bringing a big smile to me face - what more can you ask for in current times?

    Our scores were: 10/10 (Jeanette) , 9 or 10/10 (Marlene..make your mind up ;) ) 8.5/10 (Richard, Jules and Becca)

    Looking forward to trying there other room...they are also super friendly and responsive on messenger.

    Overall rating: 9/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Hard

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