Halloween in the escape room - spooky attractions

    Soon there will be the scariest day of the year! Do you already have plans on how to spend Halloween 2023? As every year, we have escape room suggestions for you - we asked companies what attractions they are preparing for you on that day, and here are their answers! So check out what attractions await you if you decide to spend Halloween in an escape room. Many companies celebrate not only on October 31, so if you can't go to an escape room on that exact day - nothing lost.

    Below you will find a list of attractions at escape room companies, listed by city in alphabetical order.

    To check the offer of a particular company, just click on its name!


    Mr Lock 

    Curse of the Blackbeard x Halloween

    Trick or treat. One will be sweet, and the other may end up leaving you in a haunted wreck for eternity.... For the brave who are not afraid to put their soul on the line, Blackbeard's Curse will have a surprise and a discount. All you have to do is come with some Halloween item - a witch's hat, a black cat, a black cat wearing a witch's hat.

    Details will appear soon on company's Facebook page.


    ER1871 Inny Wymiar

    As every year, ER1871 Inny Wymiar company will feature ghoulish guests who can be found in Horror, Shelter and Distress rooms. A limited version of the monster game will be available on Sunday 29.10 and on Halloween.

    The company is also planning contests with attractive prizes on its  Facebooku and Instagramie profiles - details coming soon!


    Podziemna Pułapka

    Podziemna Pułapka company invites you to Halloween on October 31 in the atmospheric rooms of a Cold War bunker. On this occasion:

    - additional evening booking hour;

    - there will definitely be something sweet;

    - players will receive a PLN 20 discount if they say the right words when entering the company (you will find them on the company's Facebook page).



    Between October 27 and 31, each dressed-up person in the group will get a PLN 10 discount. In total, you can get up to PLN 80 discount!


    Let Me Out

    For Halloween, a promotion awaits players: -10zl per game for each dressed-up person in the group. The promotion will be valid only October 31.


    Escape Arena


    The spooky atmosphere has already reached Poznan, so Escape Arena prepares something for you on the occasion of this spooky holiday!

    From October 27 to 31 you can expect a rash of candy in the company's rooms.... or pranks, so watch out 💀 Moreover, additional attractions will be waiting here for groups in disguise. Exploring the dark corners of the company or maybe a discount on more rooms? You'll have to see for yourself.... 👻

    Escapelandia (CluERoom)

    🎃 Are you ready for a unique experience that will take your breath away? Get ready for the most exciting night in the Halloween version of the "Krasnoludy" and "Golden Hajs" escape room. This is an extraordinary combination of two worlds that will take place during the Halloween weekend night of October 28-29, 2023!

    🎭 Will you find yourself in the mysterious world of thieves who not only want to rob a bank with you, but also scare you a little at the same time? Do something extraordinary this Halloween night, leaving the real world behind. Experience the emotions known from the cult series and experience amazing challenges. In your search for gold, you must remain vigilant and gain the trust of thieves.

    🕰️ Will you be able to escape from the magical recesses of the dwarven chambers on this one terrible night? Can you recover the magical goblets with goosebumps on your back? Fear and excitement combine into one unforgettable adventure. Solve riddles and puzzles to free yourself from the eerie dwarven secrets.

    🎃 This extraordinary Halloween night becomes even more magical with the company of Dwarves and thieves.

    👻 Don't wait any longer, gather a team of friends and sign up for our Halloween escape room now!

    🌌 "Krasnoludy" and "Golden Money:" - because Halloween can't be boring!

    🌟 But that's not all! Come in disguise, ready for a night full of secrets and surprises, and you will receive an amazing offer: 50% discount on the city game of your choice! Choose from Mindfall, Blackout or Magic Portal and experience even more adventures!🌟 

    📅 Date: Halloween, night of October 28-29  🕒  [23:45 1:30 and 3:15 (unchanged time)]



    Halloween is coming soon! Like every year, Questrooms has prepared some surprises for players for this day!🎃

    In the rooms "Bloody Slaughterhouse" (Gdansk) and "Ritual"(Sopot) you will be able to experience an extra dose of fear 👀 There will be sweet/sour gifts buried in the rooms, so keep your eyes well trained in their search for sweets! 🍬

    The special offer is valid on Monday, October 30 and also on Tuesday on Halloween itself - October 31.


    ER Majdańska 18 Warszawa

    On 28.10-1.11 we invite you to our Escape Room for fun in the atmosphere of Halloween.
    We provide:

    1. Halloween decorations
    2. sweet treats
    3. surprises for children
    4. as always nice atmosphere and good fun.

    Escape Service

    Warsaw bus this year are preparing 2 attractions for Halloween:

    1. (Escape Room) From October 26 to October 28 the bus will be decorated with Halloween decorations, and additional surprises will be waiting for those who come in disguise!
    2. (Party) On October 31 at 20:00 a guided tour will set off in search of stories shrouded in horror.

    All details are available on the Escape Service website.

    Mysterious Room

    To celebrate Halloween, there are two actions happening at the Mysterious Room. First, every Wednesday in October (i.e., October 11, 18 and 25) and a throwback to November 8, you can play with an actor in the Who's Max Winckler room. Playing with an actor costs an additional PLN 80.

    In addition, for the entire weekend of October 28-29 we are giving a promotion of -20 PLN for all rooms.

    Mystery Express

    This year for Halloween, Mystery Express has prepared a special offer of its room with an actor. This offer will be in effect from October 27 to 31.

    The special version will be on afternoon groups from 3pm until closing. Guests will also receive small Halloween gifts. For more information, follow the Mystery Express Facebook profile!

    Świat Zagadek

    This year, Świat Zagadek has prepared a special offer for Halloween at its two locations (in the M1 Marki shopping center and on Broniewskiego Street in Warsaw).

    At the M1 on 31.10, various sweets will be hidden in the Mysterious Chamber and Old Wardrobe rooms, and players can find them and take them for themselves, plus groups who come dressed up can take part in a raffle in which they can draw some sort of discount (for a game in another room of the company, for a board game available at the company's premises, or for gift certificates).

    Meanwhile, additional game dates have been added at the second location on Broniewskiego Street at the Warren State Occult Museum on 28 and 31.10. Games starting at 6pm will be held with additional attractions. 🎃



    Exit19.pl invites everyone to celebrate Halloween for a few days!

    The event will last 4 days - from Saturday, October 28 to Tuesday, October 31. During the weekend, special entries (including night!) will be held from 16:00 to 02:00 (depending on the room). On Monday and Tuesday, special entries are from 18:00 to 22:00 (depending on the room).

    Information on which rooms are taking part in the action, on what days and from what time, can be found on the company's Instagram in the highlighted "Halloween 2023" account.

    Halloween games are characterized by the presence of an actor or two in the room. You'll meet two actors in the Abandoned Hotel and Insanity. Of the eleven rooms, special scenarios are prepared for six!

    The Exit19.pl team also encourages players to dress up - Game Masters are already preparing costumes for themselves!

    More information will appear on the company's Instagram or Facebook.


    Let Me Out

    This year the Zakopane branch of Let Me Out is preparing a Spooky Halloween from October 30 to November 6.

    During this period, for groups that come to play in disguise, they will get a 10% discount and will be able to participate in a contest for the best costume. Just send a photo in disguise to Let Me Out Zakopane in a private message on the company's Facebook page!

    The main event will take place on November 4 - only on this day there will be an opportunity to play in two of the company's rooms (Witch's Chamber and Curse of the Robbers) with an actor. In addition, everyone will get a cup of delicious punch and a fortune cookie.

    And that's not all!

    At this point, we do not close the list of Halloween attractions. Closer to Halloween more will surely appear, so look here sometime!

    Spooky Halloween!

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