W cieniu piramid

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    W cieniu piramid

    The year is 1936. The Nazi military is carrying out extensive archaeological excavations in the Tanis area, in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids. Concerned... [more]

    2-5 people

    60' minutes



    344 reviews

    Poland: 24th place

    Bydgoszcz: 3rd place

    Plot of the room W cieniu piramid

    The year is 1936. The Nazi military is carrying out extensive archaeological excavations in the Tanis area, in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids. Concerned British intelligence sends you and your comrades (local scientists - undercover) to thoroughly investigate all intentions of the Nazis and seize any loot, if necessary and if possible.

    Upon arrival at the site, a raging sandstorm prevented you and your squad from contacting MI6, but you proceeded to scout anyway. As soon as the sands settle, the British will no doubt be sending some further instructions...

    Can you plunder the Egyptian pyramid before the Nazi military does it for you?


    * Ecape room inspired by the movie "Indiana Jones. Raiders of the Lost Ark". Full set design, full narrative, unique atmosphere, dynamic lighting, 87 hidden speakers ensuring that you completely lose yourself in experiencing the adventure.

    ** A copy of the Bydgoszcz escape game (with the same title), which obtained 1st place in the national LockMe.pl ranking.

    ***If you would like to play in english please let us know during the reservation process in "comments" section.

    Important informations


    Pets friendly

    Air-conditioned room

    Game without actor

    Card payment on visit

    Not suitable for people with epilepsy

    Dimness in room

    Safety measures

    Full Monitoring

    Full contact with the game master

    Always open doors

    Safety button

    Emergency lighting

    Only low voltage within the player's range

    Emergency door opening system

    Antibacterial gel available

    Gloves available

    Disinfected rooms

    Available game languages



    Prizes and awards

    Nominacja w Top Escape Rooms Project 2021

    Address and other rooms here

    Wyjście Awaryjne - Bydgoszcz II

    ul. Plac Teatralny 4/4
    85-069 Bydgoszcz

    Rooms available in department Bydgoszcz II

    Escape room - Piracka Tawerna

    Piracka Tawerna

    According to players: Hard
    from PLN 140.00



    2,450 people visited this room and 173 people want to visit this room



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