1866. Gaston Renault, a postboy accepts a letter that would change his life forever. A skull placed on the envelope’s seal instead of a sender’s family cre... [more]

    2-4 people

    70' minutes



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    Live Cam Escape Room: 22nd place

    Poland: 7th place

    Plot of the room

    1866. Gaston Renault, a postboy accepts a letter that would change his life forever.

    A skull placed on the envelope’s seal instead of a sender’s family crest does not raise his suspicions at all but as he arrives at the designated address, he can’t seem to get rid of a feeling that something is terribly off.

    His horse hesitates to go any further and just as Gaston presses the door handle, he recalls the stories he'd heard, the stories of an accursed place and a necromancer who resides in there. He'd heard that the necromancer makes a good use of souls of anyone who enters to gain immortality himself, but just as Gaston suddenly remembers those details, he realises that it might be already too late to turn back.

    A peaceful video call with your friends, a bit of messing around with one of them and betting they would never enter an abandoned manor they're passing by results in, of course, them doing just that.

    Getting them out, trying to fix your joke as you see a flash of fear in their eyes turns out to be a task harder than you ever expected it to be. Especially with a curse of a necromancer hanging in the air, and a desperate man requesting your help all of sudden.

    Will you be able to save not only your friend, but a postboy trapped in the necromancer's chapel for years as well? Will you be able to keep a cool head and find a way out in no more than 70 minutes?

    What is live cam escape and how does the game look like?

    Live cam escape room
    During the live cam escape room game, you will solve puzzles presented in a real room by the Game Master in front of your monitors. You will have the visual and audio contact. All puzzles will be adapted to this type of game. After booking, you will receive clear instructions from the company on how the game will work, and you will receive a link to the game. Read more

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    10/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 9/10 Difficulty according to players: Medium Number of reviews: 2
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    79 pts

    9 reviews

    Na zoomie też można się dobrze bawić!

    3/27/21 | visit date: 3/27/21

    Kubski 9 reviews

    Była to nasza pierwsza wizyta od dłuższego czasu, pierwszy raz na live cam, więc podchodziliśmy sceptycznie. Trzeba zdecydowanie docenić świetną robotę obsługi, która dba o utrzymanie klimatu pokoju. Bardzo usprawnia rozgrywkę system ekwipunku. Co do samego pokoju - bardzo klimatyczny, świetnie ułożony i zaprojektowany, bardzo żałujemy, że nie mogliśmy zagrać w nim fizycznie. Serdecznie polecam!

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 9/10

    Difficulty: Medium


    616 pts

    391 reviews

    Black Magic, Mystery & Ritual

    3/15/21 | visit date: 3/3/21

    review by Lockme

    LockMe 391 reviews

    This is a dark position on the live cam map, suitable for people who are looking for an interesting plot and interesting puzzles.
    The atmosphere can be tense, although in our opinion it does not belong to the "scary" category. There are many surprises tailored to the live cam formula. Very rich interior, in which you will find a lot of secrets. It is good to work in a team - the more eyes focused on searching, the better!

    Difficulty: Medium

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