Haunted House 2: Poltergeist

    Haunted House 2: Poltergeist

    The room Haunted House 2: Poltergeist is an escape room for 2-6 players. Play time is 60 minutes. [more]

    2-6 people

    60' minutes



    2 reviews

    Czech Republic: 8th place

    Praha: 3rd place

    Plot of the room

    The room Haunted House 2: Poltergeist is an escape room for 2-6 players. Play time is 60 minutes.

    Important informations


    Not suitable for people with epilepsy

    Not suitable for pregnant women

    Not suitable for people with claustrophobia

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    Prizes and awards

    39th place in TERPECA 2020 39th place in TERPECA 2019 89th place in TERPECA 2022

    Address and other rooms here

    The Chamber - Praha Petrské náměstí

    Petrské náměstí 1186/1, Prague 1

    Rooms available in department Praha Petrské náměstí


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    Room scores

    9 .7
    9.7/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 10/10 Difficulty according to players: Medium Number of reviews: 2
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    605 pts

    206 reviews


    4/9/22 | visit date: 11/13/18

    Swistakk 206 reviews

    Playing this room is guaranteed to make you feel a lot of tension and anxiety. This is achieved through a lot of factors. You are placed into a post-apocalyptic haunted facility that is full of surprises and it looks very realistically. Team dynamics is perfectly well planned in order to make sure players experience what they are supposed to and nobody misses anything from this show. Creators came up with a lot of ways to scare you and that is not at all bounded to some cheap jumpscares. Nevertheless, jumpscares are still present there, but I assure you they are well thought out and executed. In particular, the single best jumpscare I have ever seen is in this very room and I very fondly recall the buildup to it and the very "WTF!?" moment. Sound and lights play a crucial role as well. That is an exquisite experience that I always enthusiastically recommend whenever I hear anybody i going to Prague. However it won't be a good fit for 100% of escape room fans as it detours from the genre of an escape room into the haunted house route. It is much scarier than anything I have ever played in Poland and is not milder than what I've seen after playing dozens of famously scary games in Athens. However puzzles in it are still good, probably better than in your statistical scary room.

    I remember that after playing this game my friend said "This definitely topped The Padlock" (i.e. "Mission #53"). I loved Mission #53 and initially reacted "Lol, wat?", but with time I came to value this game more and more. I think I was in some way not ready to experience such game at this point (I don't think I even knew that this game is gonna be a scary one lol), where I was used to playing much more classical escape rooms only, but the feelings that this game left with me were precious and I crave to experience something similar in the future . However, I am afraid that won't happen ever again since with experience I got more used to games like this and even in games that have similarly high scarefactor I am no longer walking around thinking only "I am just wondering where will this fucker come from?". Even 3,5 years later this is still in the very top of my list (#7 out of 338) and even by today's standards matching or exceeding what was achieved here is remarkable.

    In my new rating scale that I decided to adapt (1-horrible, 2-ok, possibly flawed, 3-good, worth doing, 4-very good, 5-extraordinary) I grade this at:
    Set design, production value: 5
    Puzzles: 3
    Something original: 5
    Did I have fun?: 5

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Easy


    90 pts

    18 reviews

    After 4 years I still remember that room!

    8/31/22 | visit date: 11/10/18

    aga-bum 18 reviews

    Honestly, after 4 years I still remember lots of details from that room!
    Legend says that I made bruises at my friends arm, when I grabbed him, scared as hell. But I don’t regret any minute spent there!!! I hate to be scare but I loved the room… afterwards. :)

    Room execution, how the game master guides you through the room, decorations, music, room mechanics, all was brilliant!!!
    If you are in Prague, you must go to the Anonymous Shrink Office bar and visit this room.

    Overall rating: 9/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Medium

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