Valentine's Day in the escape room. Regulations of the contest

    The holiday of lovers is just around the corner! And could there be a more pleasant way for escape room fans to spend Valentine's Day than playing in a puzzle room? That's why we have a contest for you, in which you can win a lockme voucher.

    How to take part in the contest? All you have to do is post a lockme review for the room you visited and tag it with the Valentine's Day hashtag - #ERwalentynki. All reviews containing this hashtag will be taken into account when determining the winner.

    What counts in this contest? Your creativity and reliability in giving opinions on the rooms you have visited with your favorite people. Valentine's Day is the festival of love, but love has many faces, so mentioning about your team will be welcome!

    Remember that opinions must not break our rules, archived opinions will also not be taken into account. The contest runs until February 12 until the end of the day, and we will announce the results on Valentine's Day, February 14 around noon.

    Contest Regulations

    §1 Contest organizer

    The "Valentine's Day in an escape room" contest, hereinafter referred to as the contest, is organized by Lockme sp. z o.o., owner of the Lockme brand, based in Wrocław, ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich, 50-069 Wrocław, entered in the National Court Register 0000942965 WR.VI NS-REJ, NIP 8971900213, hereinafter referred to as Lockme. The founder of the prize is Lockme.

    §2 Duration of the contest

    The contest runs from 5.02.2024 to 12.02.2024 inclusive.

    §3 Rules of the contest

    The contest is open to any adult person who has an account on

    The participant of the contest cannot be a person who is:

    • a member of the organizer's immediate family,
    • an employee of the organizer,
    • connected with the organizer by a contract of mandate, work, cooperation, service contract, or in any other way cooperates with the organizer.

    Members of the immediate family are considered to be:

    • Ascendants,
    • Descendants,
    • Siblings,
    • Spouse,
    • Person in an adoption relationship.

    The contest is creative in nature. To participate in the contest, you must post an opinion to a visited room from Poland on Lockme from 5.02-12.02.2024 and tag it with the hashtag ERwalentynki (#ERwalentynki). The posted opinion must be of your own authorship and comply with the lockme rules. Opinions that violate the rules will not be considered. The opinion cannot be an archived opinion, i.e. referring to a visit to the escape room more than 3 months ago.

    Each participant may provide multiple contest responses. It is prohibited to include in the contest opinions false, slanderous, defamatory, offensive, inciting aggression and hatred, discriminatory content. Lockme reserves the right not to allow opinions that violate the terms of service.

    §4 Selection of the winner

    The winner of the contest will be selected by the Jury consisting of: Anna Kryśkow, Weronika Przywora, Mateusz Kurnicki. When selecting the winner, the Jury will evaluate the creativity of the opinion issued marked "#ERvalentines". The results of the contest will be announced on February 14, 2024 on Lockme's official Facebook profile. After the results are announced, the organizer will contact the winner via the email used to register the lockme account to transfer the prize.

    §5 Prize in the contest

    The prize in the contest is a lockme voucher worth PLN 200 to be used on the lockme website. The voucher will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the winner.

    §6 Complaints

    Complaints related to the contest can be submitted by e-mail to [email protected]. The title of the message must contain the phrase "Complaint - Valentine's Day 2024 contest". Complaints can be submitted for a maximum of 2 days after the contest results are announced. Lockme has 14 days to respond to the complaint.

    §7 Personal data

    All data collected during the contest are processed in accordance with privacy policy available at: KLIK

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