How to win in an escape room? Practical tips for beginners

    Friends have said it's worth it, so do you want to give it a try too? Or maybe you've already had your first visit to an escape room, but you're anxious to act more efficiently? How to master your emotions and complete the mission? We have some useful tips for you. Read on to find out how to increase your chances of winning and solve all the puzzles.

    Escape from the room - what to do to succeed?

    The decision has been made and the room has been chosen. In just a moment you will find yourself in it together with other participants of the game. These could be your friends, relatives or work acquaintances. You are united by a common goal. You have to get out of the room in the allotted time. Inside, there are plenty of puzzles waiting for you. To solve them all and complete the mission, you will need teamwork.

    However, before you start frantically looking around the interior for clues, listen to the Game Master. This is a valuable source of information. The Game Master will not only introduce you to the atmosphere of the game, but will also tell you what is not worth doing and sometimes not allowed, such as moving furniture, opening something that does not open, etc. By going against his instructions, you will only lose time and reduce your chances of winning. Remember, there may be many hints hidden in the introductory story. It's worth listening carefully so you don't miss anything.

    Escape room - hints for participants

    According to observations made by individual escape rooms, groups of several people are more likely to escape the room than duos. The reason is simple. When there are more participants in a game, they can share the puzzles and solve them in parallel. However, there is no room for individuals here. To find the way out, you need to play as a team. A good idea is to assign each participant in the game a particular section of the room. Then the search for the items needed to unravel the puzzle goes much more smoothly.

    Don't forget that everyone is different. Where one person sees nothing unusual, another will see the key to the game. So it's worth swapping at puzzles or seeking support from other team members.

    Exit the room only with teamwork

    Playing in an escape room is an excellent way to integrate. This is because participants have to work together to complete the mission in the allotted time. The key to winning is communication. Each player should have a broad picture of the current situation. All finds should therefore be loudly let the others know about them. Perhaps the item you just found and seemingly useless is essential to solving another team member's puzzle. Check it out before you put it away.

    And one more thing - it will be possible to escape from the game room only if you manage to control your emotions. Remember that this is first and foremost a game. Put your nerves aside and enjoy your time together. Winning is not a matter of life and death - if not this time, you will definitely succeed next time. Besides, concentration is needed to solve the puzzles. It is difficult to get it in a nervous atmosphere.

    Escape room - tips from the Game Master

    The Game Master, also called its moderator, is always there to give you advice during the game. He can guide you on the right track when you encounter problems and give you small hints if you don't make progress for a long time. Don't be afraid to take advantage of his support. It's better to solve one puzzle with a little help than to let many others, perhaps much more interesting ones, pass you by. Instead of wasting precious minutes trying to unravel it, provide help. That doesn't mean losing.

    Getting out of the room requires perceptiveness. Remember that every detail counts. Although there are plenty of items in the room that are necessary to solve the puzzles, some of them have been placed there just to distract the participants of the game. Don't search mindlessly, but connect the facts together. Don't be discouraged if you fail to get out of the room the first time. Failure can make success on your next visit to the escape room taste even better.

    Rules of the room escape game - keep an open mind

    Bet on accuracy. At the beginning of the game, thoroughly search all the nooks and crannies. A cursory perusal of the interior layout is not enough. Some clues have been very well hidden. What else is worth remembering?

    • beginners should start with rooms of low difficulty level
    • it is a good idea to put the found objects in one predetermined place
    • use all your senses - not only look, but also touch and listen
    • do not look for similarities with other rooms - it's a waste of time
    • respect the rules of the game
    • remember the information you found earlier. Perhaps they will prove useful at another stage of the game

    When going to an escape room, don't forget to take a good mood with you. Although the main goal is to escape from the game room, it's all about having fun. Good luck!

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