Kids in the room, or the ABCs of escape room with your kid

    Questions about whether escape rooms are a good form for children come up frequently in various forms. Today we will answer this question in detail and advise on how to prepare for such a visit.

    Before we get into the details, let's answer a basic question:

    Can I go with my child to an escape room?


    With the most difficult question behind us now let's talk about the specifics.

    Can I go with my child to any escape room?

    Unfortunately, no. This is because many rooms have plot or design elements that are not suitable for a young participant. These are, in particular, rooms that are labeled on Lockme as "for 16 years" or "for 18 years". In these cases, the issue is simple. If we try to go to such a room with people who do not meet this requirement, the staff will probably not let us in. And most likely will do us a favor by doing so :)

    Other rooms are usually suitable for visits by young people, but not necessarily younger children. That's why we recommend using the search by the "child-friendly room" designation. This is because such a designation guarantees that the owner has prepared the room with children and their safety in mind. In addition, it means that children will most likely be able to participate in the game without the presence of a guardian (although not always - it is best to contact the staff of the chosen room directly before the visit).

    Is a visit to an escape room a good idea for...?

    A birthday party? A family outing? Integration of children at school? Yes, yes and yes again! Many companies offering kid- and family-friendly rooms have special rooms where kids can play before and after the game. In many places, you can even rent a party room and incorporate the rooms as a natural part of the event. Just ask the staff about the possibilities, and they will certainly prepare everything so that the kids will enjoy their time 100%.

    All right, but what about us while they are having fun?

    This already depends mainly on the nature of the visit and your willingness. If it's a family outing, there's no problem with several generations playing in the room at once. It's even an increasingly popular way to spend a weekend afternoon, and it's great for bringing people together as a family.

    If, on the other hand, it's a party for the kids, it all depends on the specific venue and your expectations. There are places where it's enough to leave the kids in the care of professional entertainers to spend time with their parents over coffee in the pub next door. There are also those that will let you into the director's office during the game and let you watch your kids solve the puzzles. Many times we have advised parents on methods and places to spend time constructively, and the owners of the rooms have always supported even strange and crazy initiatives and expectations. After all, it's supposed to be fun :)

    Fun is fun, but how is it different from sitting at the computer?

    In short: everything. Although escape rooms derive from adventure computer games, they have long since departed from their prototypes on many levels. If you have been in any room without children, you know very well what I am writing about :)

    However, with children, it is still necessary to mention the very developing educational aspect. Tasks and puzzles placed in the rooms are always geared to test some skill. Associating facts; perceptiveness; cooperation; logical thinking; etc. One could go on listing for a long time. The important thing, however, is that each of these skills is very useful not only in the rooms, but also in school and, of course, in life. During childhood, the mind absorbs the fastest and such stimuli can only have a positive effect on mental development.

    In addition to this, it is necessary to mention the social aspect. In rooms you have to cooperate - there is no other way. And there is probably no better way to teach a child to cooperate with others than through play set in a fantastic world.

    You guys have convinced me. I'm taking the kids and going. Only where to?

    That's mostly up to your preferences now. To make it easier - here you will find a list of all kid-friendly rooms in Poland. Once you've chosen your city, all that's left for you is to choose a room that suits you best in terms of atmosphere and theme. If you are planning an event, such as a child's birthday party in the room - it is best to contact the owners directly to agree on the details and the possibility of carrying out all the fun.

    Have a successful family outing! :)

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