6-9 hours of play

    1-4 players

    multiple endings

    16+ age

    Escape Tales: Low Memory

    Free exploration

    In each location you decide where to go and which area to explore. Make wise decisions based on the graphical guidelines on the cards. What's important in this game is not limited by time, so you can easily make decisions and explore new areas of the game.

    Absorbing story

    In this part of Escape Tales the whole story is divided into 3. You can treat our game as a series divided into 3 long episodes. During the game, you'll discover more pieces of history and connect the "dots" to learn everything about the characters.

    Many endings

    The decisions you make in the game will affect the ending. The puzzles you solve and the paths you follow will cause the story to end just as you led it. Remember that a game will not always end with a "happyend" - just like in life...

    Alternating Mechanics

    In Low Memory with each chapter the gameplay slightly changes. Find out how you can approach the subject of escape room games in different ways.

    Plot of the game

    It is the year 2060. Elizabeth is saying goodbye to her husband. They are going on a family trip, but Elizabeth must first finish a research project, so she promises to catch up with him later. A moment later, she watches her husband's autonomous vehicle leaving the driveway, her thoughts already drawn towards her work. Another normal day — at least that is what Elizabeth believes.

    The following morning, Elizabeth wakes up on her sofa. She is having a terrible headache and her home is trashed — turned upside down as if there had been a break-in. Although she keeps trying, she is unable to recall anything after the moment she left work the evening before. Elizabeth decides to use the memory scanner. It is the perfect tool for the situation! However, every technological advancement comes at a price...

    Warning! There is a suicide theme in the game.

    Games available in the Escape Tales series

    The Book of Rituals

    The Book of Rituals is an interactive book with puzzles. You will play the role of an alchemy adept, who must first learn about the elements and alchemy ingredients in order to perform powerful rituals. The puzzles contained in the book do not require searching for any information on the Internet. All you need is a book, a pencil with an eraser and a convenient phone / computer application!

    • Hours of playtime
    • 1 player or more
    • Innovative play system
    • Addictive puzzles!
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    Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoods

    Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoods is a story driven escape room in card game form, with immersive exploration, no time limits when solving puzzles, and a collection of tough choices that will captivate and draw you deeply into a riveting story set in a dark and mysterious world.

    • 7+ hours
    • 1-4 players
    • Over 60 endings
    • 16+ years
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    Escape Tales: The Awakening

    Escape Tales: The Awakening is an escape room style card game where you're not limited by time in order to finish the adventure. The game focuses on the story and your exploration of it, all while engaging you with the puzzles within and making your choices deeply immersive.

    • 3-6 hours of play
    • 1-4 players
    • Multiple endings
    • 16+ years
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    Gift set: The Book of Rituals

    Looking for the perfect gift for a puzzle fan? We have an idea for you - a limited edition of The Book of Rituals. In this magical set you will find everything a young alchemy student needs to learn the secret of all things - a black candle to light the path the adept will follow, a letter from an unknown being watching over the daredevil, a gift ticket and the most important item - The Book of Rituals. All this enclosed in an aesthetic, dedicated box.

    Preparation time: 3-5 business days.

    A strictly limited set! Sale while stocks last.

    • Hours of playtime
    • For 1 or more players
    • Innovative play system
    • Limited edition!
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