Organizing a school trip to an escape room - why is it worth it and how to prepare for it?

    While school lessons are extremely important, sometimes it's good to step away from the desks and put the knowledge you've gained into practice. A great way to test your competence is a class trip to a puzzle room. This is not only an opportunity to learn, but also to relax with classmates. Why else is an escape room for students a good idea?

    School trip to an escape room - a combination of fun and learning

    Can following a trail of puzzles, searching for clues and uncovering secrets be boring? Certainly not! A visit to an escape room will undoubtedly stick in the memory of kids for a long time! It is not only entertainment, but also an intellectual challenge. To meet it, you need to rely on cooperation.

    Escape room for schoolchildren is a source of a lot of excitement. It is an attractive way to spend time with others, and at the same time an alternative to smartphones, tablets and game consoles, which smykas use so eagerly. No wonder, then, that more and more teachers are choosing puzzle rooms as a destination for school trips. After all, such excursions combine the pleasant with the useful.

    Escape room for schools - why is it worth it?

    For many reasons. First of all, fun in an escape room has a creative character. The game is set in an imagination-stimulating scenario, in which students have specific roles to play. For a while they can take on the role of an invincible squad of soldiers, special agents, space explorers or brave pirates. Students are drawn into a thrilling game where anything is possible, and creativity is the key to many puzzles.

    Escape room for school is also a fantastic opportunity to test children's perceptiveness, concentration and logical thinking skills. A visit to the puzzle room will be excellent training for effective analysis of information, planning, combining facts and solving problems. In the course of play, children learn to anticipate, draw conclusions and arrange strategies for their actions. They also develop critical thinking skills.

    Escape room for students - an opportunity to gain knowledge

    Playing in an escape room allows students to break away from the school routine. However, leaving the desks does not mean a break from learning. While overcoming successive obstacles in the puzzle room, children expand their knowledge in such fields as history, chemistry, geography and physics. It all depends on the type of scenario chosen. In this form it is much easier to assimilate new information.

    Escape room for schools is also an attractive way for children to develop math skills. By looking for ciphers and opening padlocks, children improve counting and performing simple operations. They can also discover new passions or become interested in an area of knowledge that has not previously aroused their curiosity.

    Escape room for school - integration and interaction

    That's still not all. In the puzzle room, children also learn to work as a team. In order to achieve the goal of finding the way out of the room, it is necessary to work together. Besides, every two heads is not one. If a particular obstacle is giving a student a hard time, perhaps the ideas of a classmate will help him or her overcome it. It is enough to listen to others and use their tips.

    Escape room for school provides training for effective communication. In addition, playing together brings people closer together. It is an excellent opportunity to build and strengthen bonds with others. A visit to the puzzle room will be a fantastic lesson in respecting the opinions of others and forming social attitudes. Children also learn how to deal with strong emotions and provide support to their peers.

    Escape room for students - how to prepare?

    A visit to an escape room does not require special preparations from students. However, it is worthwhile to acquaint children with the rules of the game beforehand, so that it is easier for them to understand its purpose. As the game may arouse strong emotions in students, the teacher should take care of their sense of security. This is because, although the game stimulates the imagination, the safe course of the game is supervised by the staff of the puzzle room, and its participants are in no danger.

    How to book an escape room for a school? Available puzzle rooms in a given city can be easily found on LockMe. On the site you will also get information about the nature of the scenario and the level of difficulty of the game. Choose from among the proposals marked "kid-friendly". Once you've made up your mind, find a convenient date and make a reservation. You can be sure that this trip will stay in the memory of your charges for a long time.

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