The Factory

    The Factory

    A certain old factory has been abandoned for many years. You've heard rumors circulating about strange phenomena and decide to investigate - curiosity has al... [more]

    3-6 people

    60' minutes



    2 reviews

    Sweden: 14th place

    Växjö: 1st place

    Plot of the room The Factory

    A certain old factory has been abandoned for many years. You've heard rumors circulating about strange phenomena and decide to investigate - curiosity has always been your domain. You are already at the site. You barely step inside to the door, and the door is already closing behind you.
    The question is, do you have what it takes to get out?

    Important informations


    Air-conditioned room

    Game without actor

    From 18 years old

    Dimness in room

    Safety measures

    Full Monitoring

    Full contact with the game master

    Safety button

    Limited contact with other groups

    Available game languages



    Address and other rooms here

    Inlåst - Växjö

    Kronobergsgatan 4 352 33 Växjö

    Rooms available in department Växjö


    6 people visited this room

    The Factory - User reviews

    9 .6
    9.6/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 9/10 Difficulty according to players: Hard Number of reviews: 2
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    anette 2

    5 pts

    1 review

    The best escape room I've done!

    10/3/22 | visit date: 9/23/22

    anette 2 1 review

    A very nicely built room with many variated puzzles to solve. They were all logical and no one was like the other. We were four persons, and all of us had something to do all the time, and it never got too easy or boring. I highly recommend this room!

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 9/10

    Difficulty: Hard


    37 pts

    11 reviews

    Roligaste rummet i Växjö

    1/8/23 | visit date: 10/13/21

    mossbrohult 11 reviews

    Vi har spelat alla rummen i Växjö och detta är i vårat tyckte det roligaste av dom även om alla deras rum är bra. Varierande och innovativa pussel som engagerade alla spelarna då det krävs flera personer att lösa vissa delmoment.
    Vi väntar med spänning på nästa rum i Växjö. Stor tumme upp.

    Overall rating: 9/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 9/10

    Difficulty: Hard

    See all reviews (2)

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