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    The Roomvengers

    Imagine Yourself to be in a Science Fiction Movie with all of your Superheroes - will You become one of them? The biggest enemy is coming to destroy all huma... [more]

    1-15 people

    60' minutes



    3 reviews

    Live Cam Escape Room: 19th place

    Ireland: 2nd place

    Plot of the room

    Imagine Yourself to be in a Science Fiction Movie with all of your Superheroes - will You become one of them?
    The biggest enemy is coming to destroy all humanity.
    All the superheroes are fighting back, but there are not enough of them... The secret agency decides to recruit new ones. Anyone can become one of them if the training mission will be completed in less than 60 min. Can you do it?

    What is live cam escape and how does the game look like?

    Live cam escape room
    During the live cam escape room game, you will solve puzzles presented in a real room by the Game Master in front of your monitors. You will have the visual and audio contact. All puzzles will be adapted to this type of game. After booking, you will receive clear instructions from the company on how the game will work, and you will receive a link to the game. Read more

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    The Roomvengers

    Inside Castlebar Escape Room


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    10/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 10/10 Difficulty according to players: Medium Number of reviews: 3

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    616 pts

    391 reviews

    We became agents!

    3/10/21 | visit date: 3/5/21

    review by Lockme

    LockMe 391 reviews

    This was our second room in a live cam formula, from this company, and we already knew what we could expect more or less from the technical side. The way the game is run by the staff is a very big plus - nothing is shown directly and the players' mind has a lot of room to show off here. So as it should be in escape rooms.

    There are quite a lot of puzzles, there is definitely something to do during a virtual visit in this scenario. But the best puzzles, in turn, are quite simple and very well suited to the virtual form of the game. A large number of tasks means that even seasoned players will not be bored, while the general difficulty level allows each group to play, regardless of experience.

    The plot is perfect for Marvel lovers, but not only fans will have a lot of fun in it.

    Difficulty: Medium

    Alex Lain
    Alex Lain

    71 pts

    1 review

    Great first experience

    3/16/21 | visit date: 3/16/21

    Trusted review

    Alex Lain 1 review

    It was a test, we have been so far in many escape rooms in person but never did a video one. While we missed the possibility to touch and check everything ourselves, the game master did an amazing job. She followed the instructions carefully didn't give up too much just enough to make the game flow and keep us motivated and curious. The room was quite complex, with more puzzles than we thought was possible online. We will definitely continue our adventure with video escaper rooms at least until the real version is unavailable, or maybe longer ;) We are starting by booking the same room for our daughter's birthday this weekend, maybe we infect someone ... no no not with COVID but with love for escape rooms :)

    Thank you Marta for a great experience!

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Easy

    13 pts

    1 review

    Very exciting room

    3/13/21 | visit date: 3/13/21 1 review

    We have done an escape room before and our daughter has done the restaurant escape rooms here in person and loved it.
    This was our first remote experience. And while the beginning was unfamiliar, our lovely live avatar soon settled our nerves.
    We were soon engrossed in the problem solving and puzzles.
    While not always succeeding first time, it all added to the experience.
    The flow of the game was very natural and we were soon through [spoiler].
    [Spoiler] was naturally more difficult but we were higher in confidence and working together as a team.
    We managed to complete the mission and gain super hero status.
    It was a great family experience and interacting with our live avatar was super easy.
    Can't wait to try this in person.
    A great way to spend time with family even at home.
    Would highly recommend.

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Hard

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