The Restaurant

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    The Restaurant

    You applied for your dream job in the best restaurant in town. A few days later you were invited for an interview. Unfortunately, when you walked in, you rea... [more]

    1-15 people

    60' minutes



    9 reviews

    Live Cam Escape Room: 4th place

    Ireland: 1st place

    Plot of the room

    You applied for your dream job in the best restaurant in town. A few days later you were invited for an interview. Unfortunately, when you walked in, you realize that you have been locked in a trap. Is it a part of the interview? From now one nothing will looks as it meant to be. You’re not the first one to be promised that job. You have 60 min to get your application approved or you will never open the door again. Good luck!

    What is live cam escape and how does the game look like?

    Live cam escape room
    During the live cam escape room game, you will solve puzzles presented in a real room by the Game Master in front of your monitors. You will have the visual and audio contact. All puzzles will be adapted to this type of game. After booking, you will receive clear instructions from the company on how the game will work, and you will receive a link to the game. Read more

    Company data

    The Restaurant

    Inside Castlebar Escape Room


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    Disabled-friendly room

    From 16 years old

    From 18 years old

    Safety measures

    Full contact with the game master

    Live cam features

    Game on Zoom

    Real game master

    Available game languages




    21 people visited this room

    Room scores

    9 .1
    9.1/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 9.1/10 Difficulty according to players: Hard Number of reviews: 9

    This room is also available as an offline version and has average score of 0/10 - check the reviews here

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    Oliwia Liberek
    Oliwia Liberek

    123 pts

    14 reviews

    Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna online

    3/9/21 | visit date: 2/23/21

    Trusted review

    Oliwia Liberek 14 reviews

    Dla naszej ekipy był to pierwszy Live Cam Escape Room. Bardzo żałowaliśmy, że nie mogliśmy znaleźć się w środku, aby samemu krok po kroku rozwiązać każdą zagadkę i sprawdzić każdy kąt, niemniej jednak było to ciekawe doświadczenie. Marta spisała się świetnie zarówno jako mistrz gry, jak i nasz avatar. Pierwszoosobowy widok z kamery sprawia, że można (mimo dużej odległości) poczuć się trochę jakby to samemu było się w środku i rozwiązywało zagadki.

    Overall rating: 8/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 8/10

    Difficulty: Easy


    616 pts

    391 reviews

    Trouble at a job interview

    2/3/21 | visit date: 1/30/21

    review by Lockme

    LockMe 391 reviews

    The theme of the room seems to be neutral, but thanks to this choice, it will suit a wide live cam audience. It will be perfect for online meetings with friends or for employee integration - after all, the leitmotif is an interview. Additionally, there is a lot to do in it. There are also a few moments of surprise, which we will not reveal, of course.

    The game is played in the form of a POV (point of view), thanks to which the view of the room is "organized" from the perspective of the person or the group walking through the room. The game master has a very good understanding of the group and adapts to it, making the game smoother.

    The room is run by our compatriots from Poland, therefore, despite the fact that it is physically located in Ireland, it is possible to play in Polish - it's a very nice touch!

    Difficulty: Medium


    122 pts

    1 review

    "Przytulna" restauracja

    4/12/21 | visit date: 4/11/21

    Trusted review

    martasagskrzynka 1 review

    Zdobyć pracę w restauracji - niby prosty plan, ale przed rozmową kwalifikacyjną nikt nie uwzględnił, że badanie kompetencji przybierze taką postać : D Pokój z odpowiednio dobraną ilością i formą zagadek do rozgrywki online i czasu przeznaczonego na "wyjście" z niego. Zagadki zróżnicowane, ale jak najbardziej pozostające w klimacie restauracji, za co wielki plus! Marta jako awatar / mistrz gry była świetna, dawała bardzo dużo swobody graczom - dziękujemy za poprowadzenie gry. To był nasz pierwszy live cam escape room i po The Restaurant wiemy, że nie ostatni.

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 9/10

    Difficulty: Medium


    28 pts

    3 reviews

    Pokój niespodzianka

    2/27/21 | visit date: 2/25/21

    iwas88 3 reviews

    Nie dostaliśmy tej pracy, ale udało się nam uciec:D wspaniała gra, tylko szkoda ze nie mogę się podzielić szczegółami zagadek bo wywarły na mnie mega wrazenie( uniktowe i niepowtarzalne). Fantastyczna prowadząca co dało nam uczucie bycia w grze. Polecam

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Hard


    13 pts

    2 reviews

    Super Fun at The Restaurant!

    2/23/21 | visit date: 2/9/21

    adele251204 2 reviews

    My partner and I who have completed many rooms in person had booked to play this room live on several occasions only to have to cancel due to restrictions. We were delighted to see that Inside Castlebar began to facilitate remote play for The Restaurant room and we finally got to play. It did not disappoint!

    The game was very enjoyable, engaging and fun. There was plenty to do for the pair of us but it could definitely accommodate bigger teams well too. The puzzles were varied & challenging but totally accessible which was great.

    The host was excellent & had a very evident love for escape rooms which very much enhanced the experience.

    We had a very enjoyable evening playing The Restaurant and are very much looking forward to visiting Inside Castlebar to play their other room 'Roomvengers' as soon as restrictions allow.

    We'd highly recommend this game to couples or groups of friends!

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Hard

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