How to live cam escape - corporate edition

    Live cam escape rooms are growing in popularity as people seek entertainment during pandemic and we believe they will stay with us. Individual players praise them for being an easily available method of visiting escape rooms during lock-downs, even those on the other side of the globe. High availability makes them also the perfect solution for corporate meeting entertainment or employee integration. But where to start?

    You really don't need to be a person in power in your company to initiate new activity for employees. And today we are here to help you make a good call and convince decisive people you need more escape rooms in your lives ;)

    Why live cam escape rooms are the best?

    Well, maybe there are some better things in life, but when it comes to company events during the pandemic - nothing beats engaging, involving, and tightening cooperation activities. Like escape rooms. But online - or live cam, so to speak. There are some arguments strengthening this statement - we present them to you in a form easy to embed into a PowerPoint presentation for your boss:

    • Connect people working anywhere!
    • Extremely high engagement rate - over 80%
      (measured as a time with attention paid to the game by all players)
    • They scale as well as cloud solutions!
      (you can easily add rooms from the same or other companies at the same time to accommodate for needs)
    • Take full control!
      (whenever you need to know how is your team working together, you can just tap in and watch them play)
    • Innovative and agile!
      (games can adapt to your specific needs if you ask for them to)

    Now you know why, and your boss too, hopefully. So let's begin withhow to prepare?

    Paperwork required

    Before you can enjoy watching your employees stare in displays with smiles on their faces and hearing cogs in their minds clang as they crush puzzle after puzzle, you will need a few details prepared to find the best offer for you.

    You will obviously need to know at least approximated number of players. It helps to determine the number of rooms required and the time needed. And when talking about time - you need to know when you want your event to take place (or at least have a vague idea about the time window) and how long it could take place. It can strongly determine the shape of the games as serving 10 thousand people in 2 hours is completely different than serving the same number of people in a week in batches.

    If there are strong language preferences among the players, it is worth noting them at the time. Not all games are available in all languages out there, so it will help greatly when choosing rooms.

    Also - if you have any technical requirements, like communication platform - note them at this point. Most companies work on Zoom or similar nowadays, but if noted in advance they will probably be able to comply with your needs. If you wait until the game starts it can be too late.

    So - you have gathered the info, sent it out, and chose live cams. What now?

    How to: basics of live cam escape

    If you don't know what live cam escape rooms are yet- check out our guide here. But in a corporate world, you need to know a bit more to proceed.

    First of all - there is a high chance you will have more people willing to play than a single room can accommodate. And that's great! But you must be warned - respect room requirements to the letter. Don't try to play in a room with more people than the room allows. You need to trust the owners as they know how many people will cooperate well and how many connections can they handle. You can hurt the fun easily by trying to bend the rules too much.

    So we know for sure you need more than one room and you need to split people. Hot to proceed with that? Let's divide the process into 3 simple steps:

    1. Language - during a single game, players need to communicate with themselves and game master easily. So if there are language differences between players you need to divide them by language. Probably most of the time English will be the base language, but if part of your team doesn't speak English and would prefer Japanese - no problem, but don't mix them with other players in a single game.
    2. Game theme - just like regular escape rooms, live cams can have many varying themes. From narrative crime stories, through fantasy lands of Middle Earth, to the nightmares of Elm Street. Remember to ask players about their preference when possible and don't force them to play games with a theme they may not like.
    3. Cooperation - finally you need to decide who can go with who. If you want to test their cooperation - do as you please. Otherwise, try to put people who work together well in the same teams so they can enjoy the game without additional stress and possible negative emotions.

    After choosing, team players will be invited to games in a way offered by companies and will be ready to play when the time comes. Simple? Sure! But - what about the money. How much you ask? Well...

    It's money efficient!

    We cannot give you numbers just like that as every offer is individual and tailored to your needs. But we will gladly help you navigate in those new waters of live cams. Remember - outsourcing can minimize workload and increase budget efficiency!

    Interested? Head to this page and let us know or reach to us directly. Your satisfaction is our mission and we take it very seriously!

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