Escape room at home - an idea for creative entertainment for the whole family

    When rainy or windy weather keeps you from spending time outdoors, and you've run out of ideas for activities within your four walls, turn your home space into a puzzle-filled escape room. It's a guarantee of fantastic fun for the whole family, and at the same time it's a way to strengthen bonds and uncover layers of creativity. How to create a game room at home? Here are some inspirations.

    How to make an escape room at home?

    To avoid boredom, plan a unique entertainment activity that will draw in all family members. Create a home escape room. All you need is a few atmospheric accessories and a little imagination, and the room will turn into a prison cell, a deserted island or the cabin of an abandoned shipwreck. The ideas for an escape room at home are endless. Those who have already visited several puzzle rooms have a slightly easier task. This is because it is easier with them to find inspiration. However, if you have never yet managed to visit a place from which you have to find the exit on your own within a certain time, nothing lost. With our help, you can certainly manage.

    Where to start? Think about what kind of atmosphere you want the escape room you designed to have. Horror? Excitement about the upcoming adventure? Or do you intend to transport the participants of the game to the past and inspire them with history? Create a sketch of the scenario and write an introduction to the game that will stimulate the imagination of your loved ones.

    Escape room at home - scenario

    When creating a scenario for the game, let your imagination run wild. However, remember that the story should be coherent and adapted to the cognitive abilities of all participants, especially children. It is also worth taking into account their interests to make the shared entertainment even more attractive. If you need inspiration, look for it onLockme, where you can find escape rooms from almost all over the world, diversified in terms of theme and level of difficulty.

    Dedicated to children, a home game room can be invented based on popular fairy tales or favorite books of toddlers. Travel lovers can base the scenario of the game on places full of mystery that they intend to visit in the future, such as Egyptian pyramids or French castles. It's also a good idea to take on the role of detectives in order to unravel an intricate intrigue and find the culprit, for example, for stealing a neighbor's cookies.

    How to make an escape room? Scenography

    Once you've laid the groundwork for the story, get busy with the scenery. Use the objects available at home to transform the interior and awaken the imagination of the game participants. Balloons, scarves, shawls and cardboard decorations, among others, will help you do this. Look for accessories that will emphasize the atmosphere of the game and make it easier for players to take on their roles. Perhaps last year's Halloween costumes and decorations or ornaments left over from a carnival party will come in handy.

    When arranging an escape room at home, also take care of the light source. Introduce spot lighting into the interior to give it a mysterious feel. Use bedside lamps, flashlights or lanterns. You can also emphasize the atmosphere of the interior with appropriate music. However, it should not be too loud, so as not to hinder the participants' cooperation and concentration.

    Escape room - how to make puzzles?

    If the idea for the game and the scenery are already ready, it's time to prepare the puzzles. Plan them in such a way that their solution requires the participants to work together. After all, that's what the game is all about. Prepare not only puzzles that require logical thinking, but also manual puzzles. Use such accessories as combination padlocks, bicycle fasteners, mirrors or playing cards.

    Here are ideas for an escape room at home, or more specifically, for creative puzzles:

    • a maze pasted with painter's tape on the floor - the route can contain numbers, which together will form a code for a padlock
    • containing elements of the cipher puzzle from a cut piece of paper
    • a password in a self-created cipher wheel
    • a message hidden in a plastic bottle or balloon
    • a password hidden in the text of a newspaper

    There are many more possibilities, and preparing the puzzles yourself does not take much time. However, remember to adjust their level of difficulty to the age of the participants.

    Escape room at home - a guarantee of exciting fun

    After locating the puzzles in the room, there is nothing left for you to do but to start the game. Play the role of its master, introducing participants to the story and familiarizing them with the rules of the game. Specify the time to find the way out and introduce the safety rules. Ensure that the game goes according to plan. When participants have difficulty solving or finding the puzzles, help them and use hints. After finding the exit in the allotted time, celebrate success together. You can also plan a small reward for the game participants, such as a cup of hot chocolate or a small gift.

    Escape room at home is an idea for an exciting adventure. The game will undoubtedly arouse a lot of positive emotions among family members and allow them to have a nice time with each other. And if solving puzzles together appeals to them, you should think about visiting nearby escape rooms. You can find them in our search engine.

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