Horror quiz for Halloween

    Horror movies have their lovers and opponents. Celebrating Halloween, we would like to know which well-known character from movies and cartoons you are, given your attitude toward horror escape rooms. Let's check it!

    How to find out which character you are?

    Read the following questions and answer them (please be honest!). Each underlined answer next to a question is one point for you - if you answer "YES" in the first question, add 1 point to yourself, if you answer "NO" - go without a point to the next question. You can count in your memory or use a piece of paper and a pen for this. After the last question, add up all the points you have scored and go to the answer section. The number of points you score will tell you which of our five characters you are!

    1, 2, 3... The cowards are thee!

    It's time for the questions! Don't look at the answers under them beforehand so you don't spoil the fun!

    1. When entering the next room in the horror room, do you go first? YES/NO 
    2. Do you react emotionally (screaming, gasping) to every little sound in the room? YES/NO 
    3. Do you consider horror movies and thrillers when choosing an escape room for your next visit? YES/NO
    4. Do you like the interaction with the actor? YES/NO
    5. Do you stay in a corner or behind someone's back when going through a horror room? YES/NO 
    6. Do you feel stress (not excited) before starting a horror game? YES/NO 
    7. Do you like gore elements in rooms (fake blood, imitation human remains, etc.)? YES/NO 
    8. Are you able to work in concentration on puzzles despite intense distractions such as an actor? YES/NO
    9. Do you prefer to visit horror rooms in a smaller group so that you have a chance to get the most interaction with room? YES/NO 
    10. When given a choice of horror vs adventure, would you choose horror? YES/NO 
    11. Does the fear in an escape room have a paralyzing effect on you, thus preventing you from solving the puzzles? YES/NO 
    12. Do you happen to give up on continuing through the room during the game or have you had such thoughts at times? YES/NO 
    13. If one person is separated from the rest of the group, are you able to be the person separated? YES/No 
    14. Does fear have a motivating effect on you? YES/NO 
    15. Are controversial escape room themes (religious themes, occult themes, real-life murder stories, etc.) an obstacle for you? YES/NO

    It's time to count the points!

    0-3 Dobby

    Horror movies just aren't for you, and there's nothing wrong with that - for your own comfort, stay with adventure rooms. Like Dobby - perhaps a little timid at first, but over time the heroic adventure hero will be happy to support his/her friends in exploring new worlds. After all, every room is a new story!

    Where can you find Dobby? For example, at Escape Time in Gdansk in their rooms "Expecto Patronum" and "Sectum Sempra", or at iESCAPE in Olsztyn - "Komnata Czarnego Pana".

    4-7 Scooby Doo

    Although it's hard to find a more fearful hero, Scooby is perpetually dragged into trouble by something, and it seems that without them he wouldn't be the same dog anymore. It's the same with you - you're not 100% comfortable with fear, but for some reason it's hard for you to refuse your friends a trip to the horror room. Besides, it's somehow easier to be scared in a group, right? Perhaps at times you hesitate to capitulate, but in the end you always (or almost) finish the game with the whole team admitting that it wasn't wasted time.

    You can find Scooby in Breslau in Fox O'Clock's "Dooby Doo" room.

    8-10 Clown

    Seemingly created to entertain, and yet there is sometimes something disturbing about this character... This ambivalence is precisely something that intrigues you. You feel anxiety inside, but it acts more like a magnet than a warning of potential danger. Horror movies and strong thrillers capture your attention, and despite your initial reluctance, you quickly learn that you can feel like a kid in a candy store. Once you enter the room, the fun begins in earnest, and you have no intention of letting go too soon.

    An encounter with a clown awaits you at Bydgoszcz in "Freakshow" room by Break the Brain and "Devil's Circus" from Let Me Out Lublin.

    11-14 Uncle Fester

    Horror movies could easily be your everyday life. You treat them on a par with other categories and going into a room where fear rules is not a problem for you. You move freely after a horror movie, not much is able to scare you, although you like to be really scared. You are comfortable among sudden sounds, changing images and interaction, even the intense kind.

    You will meet Uncle Fester and other characters in "The Addams Family" from HURRY UP.

    15-16 Leatherface

    It's not just a hobby anymore. It's already a love of adrenaline and fear, which in your case has a liberating effect. The more factors that work on you, the better. Blood? The entrails? An actor jumping out of the corner? Go ahead, give it all to me! Nothing can throw you off balance, you still have an appetite for more.

    You can meet Leatherface in the "Texas Massacre" room by Find a Way in Poznan.

    Thanks for the fun!

    Which of the above characters are you? Let us know under the post with this quiz on Facebook or in a private message. Spooky Halloween!

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