No Way Out

    No Way Out

    In der Firma No Way Out gibt es 16 Räume. Um alle Räume zu beenden, brauchst du ca. 960 Minuten. [mehr]

    Informationen zur Firma

    In der Firma No Way Out gibt es 16 Räume. Um alle Räume zu beenden, brauchst du ca. 960 Minuten.

    München, Deutschland


    Zweibrückenstraße 8, 80331 München, Deutschland

    Verfügbare Räume in der Abteilung München

    Wien, Österreich


    Rauhensteingasse 7, 1010 Wien

    Verfügbare Räume in der Abteilung Wien

    Linz, Österreich


    Prinz-Eugen-Straße 22, 4020 Linz, Austria

    Verfügbare Räume in der Abteilung Linz

    Innsbruck, Österreich


    Grabenweg 12, 6020 Innsbruck, Österreich

    Verfügbare Räume in der Abteilung Innsbruck

    Graz, Österreich


    Alte Poststraße 470, 8055 Graz, Österreich

    Verfügbare Räume in der Abteilung Graz

    Neueste Bewertungen


    605 Pkt

    206 Bewertungen

    Mixed feelings

    28.04.20 | Besuchsdatum: 01.02.20

    Swistakk 206 Bewertungen

    Wow, this is probably escape room which caused my feelings about its different parts to be the most polarized ever.
    Whole game has really incredible production value. There is a very big space, interior and decorations are looking incredible, it has exactly the vibes you would expect it to have, game has well planned scenario of events that it follows, you could say a lot of money has been invested into it. In these regards, it was an outstanding experience.

    But puzzles? Wow, they were so flat and poor. It is hard to even call them puzzles, you just need to find a few things and that's it more or less. Moreover I had a feeling that we are progressing really slowly and we may not manage to complete it in time, but it turned out it took us something like 25 minutes to escape cause amount of things to do was so low. Puzzle-wise, this is a disgrace to this market. Pretty sure these were the worst "puzzles" I've ever encountered. Maybe it is kind of property of some scary escape rooms, but if it is one, then I definitely do not like it and it doesn't have to be one as some other examples show otherwise.

    That room advertises itself as "the scariest escape room in Europe". This is by far not true. I think for many people it is going to be really scary, there are some psychedelic parts, but it's not close to for example Poltergeist in Prague.

    Moreover, I felt that customer service was really desultory. There were some conversations that went approximately like "-Did you have fun?, -Yeah, -Ok, cool"., I felt kind of like just another customer to be processed on a conveyor belt. And we were given a German soundtrack initially and I needed to call our MG and tell that we should be given English one and we were requested to go out of room for a minute when they adjusted things.

    As kind of a pioneer of writing reviews on foreign versions of lockme let me make use of the grading scale adjusted to explanations associated with them. I will rate it at 7. However you can clearly see that description given to that mark can't be appropriate since this experience excelled in some areas and totally sucked in others.

    In my new rating scale that I decided to adapt (1-horrible, 2-ok, possibly flawed, 3-good, worth doing, 4-very good, 5-extraordinary) I grade this at:
    Set design, production value: 5
    Puzzles: 1
    Something original: 4
    Did I have fun?: 3
    Mixed feelings Mixed feelings

    Allgemeine Note: 7/10

    Game Master: 7/10

    Klima: 10/10

    Schwierigkeitsgrad: Leicht

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