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The Awakening

Story driven Escape Game

  • 1-4


  • 180-360 Min

    Playing Time

  • 12+

    Recommended Age

  • Engaging story

    Filled with puzzles

Escape Tales
The Awakening (PL)

$109.95 per item

Ships within 2 working days ($15.99)

Polish version

Escape Tales: The Awakening is an engaging card game based on the escape room idea with a great story telling accent. Here we won’t be limited by the time to finish this adventure, we’re focusing on the story, exploration, engaging puzzles while making your own choices that will immerse you deeply.


About game


Players will be taking a role of Sam, whose daughter is in a coma for over 2 months and doctors still cannot explain how this happened or what caused it. According to them everything is fine with the girl, she’s healthy and she shouldn’t be in this condition. Sam, like in most of these cases, is desperate and looks for the answer everywhere he can - this leads to weird meeting with Mark. Mark’s son was once in a similar situation and he was able to help his son and wake him up. He gave David a scary looking book and said that inside this book he will find a ritual called The Awakening. But he warned him - he needs to prepare himself mentally, since this ritual will transfer him into another dimension, where he should be able to find his daughter and understand what is the cause of this state. If he’s lucky enough, then he will be able to wake her up as well. Sam took the book and have been keeping it for over a week. Finally, he’s ready to go into the basement and perform a ritual. Are you ready?

Game components

  • 122 Game cards
  • 9 Doom cards
  • 18 Location cards
  • Story book
  • Game board
  • 18 Action Tokens
  • Mobile app (all platforms)

Unique game mechanics

Open exploration

Each and every location is open, meaning that players will be free to explore however they feel like. It is up to them which areas of the location they will visit and in what order. Through these decisions a different puzzle will be revealed to them to solve. There are several ways to leave a location and depending on these choices - the impact on the entire story will be different.

Replay value

You won't gain access to every puzzle and location in a single playthrough of the game. Everything you do will impact the end result - which means the game can be played more than once.

Engaging story

Here we are putting significant pressure on the story, a story that would engage players and draw them into game for several hours of play time. A story so engaging, that it will stick with players for a couple days to make them come for more, as soon as possible. It’s structure and content will deliver many emotions and will immerse players so deeply to be mindful of everything they meet and see. Like a great thriller movie, that will keep players in suspense until the very end.

Multiple endings

Since every choice have a different impact on the story we have several different endings for the story as well. Puzzles we solve; paths we take; decisions we make; interactions with in games characters we do; all of the above will shape our story differently and will have an impact on the ending that will be unraveled. We hope that players will be thrilled to reveal all of them!

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