Joker's Asylum

    Joker's Asylum

    The room Joker's Asylum is an escape room for 6-10 players. Play time is 60 minutes. [more]

    6-10 people

    60' minutes



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    United States: 1st place

    San Jose: 1st place

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    The room Joker's Asylum is an escape room for 6-10 players. Play time is 60 minutes.

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    From 16 years old

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    OMEscape - San Jose

    625 Wool Creek Drive, Suite E, San Jose

    Rooms available in department San Jose


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    10/10 Customer service: 10/10 Interior: 10/10 Difficulty according to players: Very hard Number of reviews: 1
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    10/16/19 | visit date: 9/12/18

    Swistakk 199 reviews

    I visited this room more than a year ago and my counter of escape rooms I visited is at 128 currently and this is still at the first place on my list. We were there as a group of six and we all loved the experience. We were so excited by it that some of us even were speaking for an hour about smallest details in this escape room the next day which didn't happen for me even for other best escape rooms I've been into.

    What did we love in this escape room that much? It's hard for me to express clearly since it doesn't have, for example breath-taking set design, decorations or wow effects. Moreover I can imagine that both beginning and ending may end up being frustrating for some groups since you may feel lost or lack feedback at some points. I think what we loved in this game was mainly great puzzles, scenario of events happening throughout the game or in other words flow of the game and immersive storyline.

    Up to this day I remember some puzzles that stuck out for me as strikingly original and great ideas. But be aware that this is a room for experts, difficulty is set at 5/5 not for no reason. We were a group of six where I was the only experienced player (~40 at that point). Other people were rather beginners (<10 rooms or even 2 rooms), but clever guys. We spent there 72 minutes (thanks for letting us play a bit longer) and didn't escape, but we were very close to it, just one execution mistake separated us from escaping. We took one hint along the way, but this was to logical puzzle as well.

    Game is designed in such a way, that excitement gradually rises along the way. Start is pretty slow and I have to admit we felt a bit lost for some amount of time. However once we got grasp of what is happening it became really an absorbing experience for us. I have to admit that I didn't really get what the backstory is about, but I really "felt it" at the end of the game and after playing this room I came to a very unexpected to me conclusion that thrillers/asylums is exactly my favorite theme.

    It is worth mentioning that even though minimum number of players is set at 6 by OMESCAPE, physical restraint is put at 5 people. If you have a group of 5 people I bet you can play this room, just contact the company beforehand to make sure they allow it (4 players would already be impossible).

    However while searching through the net I unfortunately spotted that other people that visited this escape room were not really sharing an enthusiasm we got. Some of them were calling puzzles either tedious or lacking logic, however I can safely say this is not true. While we were far from having a great time (I recall record time was something like 30-35 mins) we basically solved almost everything as I described before. My suspicion is that this is caused by a fact that this is a room for experts, and by definition the average player is not an expert. And I agree this is not a room for your casual Januszes and Grażynas (excuse me my Polish joke), difficulty level is indeed pretty high, but I assure you every single thing there is logical. And even excluding puzzles I can see why even experienced players may not be amazed by this room as much as we were, it doesn't have top tier decorations etc, but overally this was a blast for us for many reasons I mentioned.

    In my new rating scale that I decided to adapt (1-horrible, 2-ok, possibly flawed, 3-good, worth doing, 4-very good, 5-extraordinary) I grade this at:
    Set design: 3
    Puzzles: 5
    Enthusiasts recommendation: 4
    Did I have fun? (independent of others): 5
    Total grade: 5

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Customer service: 10/10

    Interior: 10/10

    Difficulty: Very hard

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